The World Peace Prayer Society
May Peace Prevail On Earth
Founding Advisory Board

Dr. Noel J. Brown
Former Director
United Nations Environment Programme

Dr. Arvol Looking Horse
Keeper of the Sacred Pipe
Lakota Sioux Nation

Avon Mattison
Co-Founder and President
Pathways To Peace

The Very Rev. James P. Morton
President Interfaith Center of New York

Dr. Robert Muller
Chancellor Emeritus
University for Peace, Costa Rica

John Naar
Author and Co Founder
Solar Coalition

Claes Nobel
United Earth

Ann Rockefeller Roberts
Founder and President
Fund of the Four Directions

Vasily Safronchuk
Under Secretary Retired
United Nations

Irving Sarnoff
Friends of the United Nations

Sen Genshitsu XV
15th generation Grand Tea Master
Urasenke Foundation

Leigh Taylor Young
Actress and Producer
Institute for Individual and World Peace

Paul Winter
Composer and Musician
Living Music Records


David Brower
Earth Island Institute

Juliet Hollister
Temple of Understanding

Kisshomaru Ueshiba
Second Aikido Doshu

Maximilian Mizzi OFM Conv.
Centro Francescano Internazionale

WPPS is an all inclusive, all embracing not-for-profit grassroots organization
associated with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations. 
We do not have a political agenda nor are we a church.  
May Peace Prevail On Earth is a registered trademark of The World Peace Prayer Society.
It can be freely used to promote peace.  Please contact WPPS should you have marketing plans
to use the Peace Message for profit making business, trade or commerce.

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