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goi peace foundation The Goi Peace Foundation was established as a not for profit organization
in Tokyo, Japan, with the approval of the Ministry of Education in March
of 1999.

The Foundation was created to give a new impetus to the activities of
The World Peace Prayer Society in and from Japan, and to develop other programs that will bring together wisdom from various fields to encourage collective effort toward world peace.
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Message from the President
A new sense of the value of building a culture of peace is already emerging on our planet, with new trends developing in various fields of human endeavor.

Today, nurturing a peaceful and harmonious spirit in children is a theme of the utmost importance in the field of education. It is time for destructive science to give way to harmonious science, and the arts and culture have an influential role to play in drawing out the goodness in human beings.

In the coming age, it will become increasingly important for people in various fields to work in concert for the upliftment of humanity. It is our aim to connect people across the globe who are already actively contributing to a positive planetary trend, and we wish to assist in this dynamic evolutionary process. When individuals and institutions support one another, and their efforts are merged into one, a great wave of peace will be brought forth on a global scale, carrying humanity forward into a bright new era.
Hiroo Saionji

Hiroo Saionji

We welcome your ideas and suggestions as well as your support and participation as we renew our commitment to fostering a future founded on peace.

May Peace Prevail On Earth

International Essay Contest for Youth

The Goi Peace Award

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