“Imagine” May Peace Prevail On Earth Video-Pakistan

August 22, 2009

May Peace Prevail On Earth Intention Mediation will be starting soon with our Music Concerts in Asia and around the world as soon as we have our sponsors in place .We will be informing you as soon as we start our concerts. The Intention is to make people aware of Peace, to meditate with us during the concert and the feedback we receive from the audience will be used for our Forgotten Children Projects in Uganda.

Peace Intention Meditation 

Pleas join us anytime, wherever you are.


Take a moment to watch the May Peace Prevail On Earth Intention Meditation Video.  It is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring.  http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=injzTB6sMZ


 May Peace Prevail On Earth!

In gratitude and respect,  Yubupa Pat Peace theonesoul

This video was forwarded to WPPS from Yuel Bhatti, a very dedicated WPPS friend and member who lives in Pakistan.  He works closely with WPPS Peace Representative, Father Channan.

Yuel’s younger sister created this video piece.

“Imagine” May Peace Prevail On Earth!








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