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Planting Peace Poles By Newunfoldment-April, 2008

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

  As citizens of the world,
We are called upon to share-
The message of peace in our lands,
Uniting all men and women to join their hands,
Together declaring, “May Peace prevail on Earth.”

This global revolution
Has had a ripple effect,
Having originated in Japan, []
Planting little seeds of hope and faith,
With its simple message, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”.

This message of peace is very contagious,
And its blessings far advantageous,
Ceaselessly reciting this glorious prayer
Each day of every year,
We say, “May Peace Prevail on Earth”.

In gardens, Parks or Public Squares,
We plant Peace Poles everywhere;
Performing this sacred duty with care.
Triumphantly bearing this message of peace,
“May Peace Prevail on earth today”.

Submitted by: Dee Mahuvawalla


Announcing: A Call To Peace-March, 2008

Monday, April 7th, 2008

A Gathering of Prayers for Gratitude and Peace
Our Annual World Peace Sanctuary Event

Saturday, August 9th
The World Peace Sanctuary
Amenia, New York
10am – 3pm

Come join our Annual Peace Ceremony and Celebration at The World Peace Sanctuary. This community event features The World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony, Non-profit Booths, Children’s Craft Activities, Japanese Cultural Area, Food and Beverage.


2007 World Peace Flag Ceremony


Taiko Drumming


Peace Parrots with Grandmother Silver Star


Walking the Labyrinth


Japanese Tea Ceremony


Peace Dove flying in Black Walnut Grove



An Invitation to Youth Around the World!-March-2008

Monday, April 7th, 2008

2001-2010 has been designated by the United Nations as the “International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.” In its honor, youth have two unique opportunities to present their personal expressions of peace to a worldwide audience.

The 11th Annual International Peace Pals™ Art Exhibition and Awards Program invites youth ages 5 to 19 to submit original works of art depicting their idea of “Friendship.” Each design must include the message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” and be received by June 30, 2008. First, second and third prize winners in four age categories will be selected by a panel of international judges on September 21, 2008 and become part of a world tour exhibit. For more information including submission details and to view last year’s winners, visit or email

2007 1st Place Winner: Age 12 – Indonesia

The 2008 International Essay Contest for Young People, hosted by the Goi Peace Foundation, is accepting type written essays of 800 words or less by youth up to 25 years old. This year’s theme is “My project to create positive change in my environment. How can I foster sustainable development in my community?” All entries must be received by June 30, 2008 for full consideration. First prize winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony in Tokyo, Japan (travel expenses covered by sponsor). To obtain complete entry guidelines and submission information, visit or email


Season for Nonviolence at the United Nations-March 12, 2008

Friday, April 4th, 2008

The World Peace Prayer Society was a proud co-sponsor of the annual UN observance of the Season for Nonviolence on March 12, 2008. Close to 700 students attended from 30 schools from New York and surrounding states.

Guest speakers included an official from the Permanent Mission of Tanzania to the United Nations, Stella Schuhmacher of the Child Protection program at UNICEF and the renowned new thought minister, Dr. Michael Beckwith, whose stirring keynote address inspired the youth to bring forth a culture of peace.

Fumi Johns Stewart, Director of WPPS, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Rickie Byers Beckwith, Molly Taylor

Songs were offered by the “Through Our Eyes” choir from New Jersey, many with disabilities. Youth speakers included Molly Taylor of the Association for Global New Thought on their new PeacePort program, and Liberian refugee William Gyude Moore, who gave a rousing talk about the future. Then 40 students from Susan E. Wagner High School recited in turn why he or she is the “Face of Peace” – in spite of all ethnic and racial stereotypes. They closed by calling out together, “May Peace Prevail On Earth!”



The grand finale was a World Peace Flag Ceremony led by WPPS UN Representative Deborah Moldow and Mrs. Rickie Byers Beckwith, featuring a special “May Peace Prevail On Earth” chant by the Through Our Eyes Choir. Michael Beckwith offered final uplifting words and a vote of thanks. The energy of excitement and possibility was undeniable in the large conference room, as the words “May Peace Prevail On Earth” rang out in the air.



For a full report, pleace click here:

Submitted by Deborah Moldow, WPPS.

Danny Garcia Walks for Peace-March 20, 2008

Friday, April 4th, 2008

On the morning of March 20th Danny Garcia, founder of Global Walk Foundation is prepared to Walk for Peace from The World Peace Sanctuary to Ground Zero, in New York City.

Since December 1996, Danny has been walking for children and world peace, more than 24,000 miles across the world to date. Garcia has met the most interesting people on the planet and has made presentations to Kings, Presidents, and other world leaders to include U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, His Holiness Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa and many other eminent personalities and multilateral organizations.

Danny Garcia stands by the September 11th Memorial Peace Pole with The World Peace Prayer Society staff
(L to R: Jim Dugan, Sarah Paquette and Ann Marie Williams). This September 11th Memorial Peace Pole was presented to Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City to be placed in the vicinity of Ground Zero.

Danny Garcia gets stopped by Deborah Moldow for a photo op during his trip to NYC.

Danny Garvia reaches Ground Zero in NYC on Saturday, March 22nd. He poses for WPPS member,
Reiko Kamozawa, after his 3-day journey.

For more information on Danny Garcia, Walk for Peace and the Global Walk Foundation, please visit

Photos submitted by: Jami Anson, Deborah Moldow and Reiko Kamozawa.

Planting Peace: In our Hearts, our Community and in our World-March 29, 2008

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Second Annual World Peace Flag Ceremony and Concert for Peace to celebrate: A SEASON FOR NONVIOLENCE

The Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA
March 29, 2008

Hosted by Monica Willard, URI Representative to the United Nations; Jackie Wolf Tice, Founder, All Nations Peace

Monica Willard, WPPS Peace Representative and longtime supporter, along with singer/songwriter Jackie Tice led this public event to celebrate the work of Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. in their own community.

Jackie Tice set the mood for the Flag Ceremony with her heart-wrenching song, “Trail of Tears.” Deborah Moldow of The World Peace Prayer Society introduced the Flag Ceremony with the prayer “May Peace Prevail On Earth.”

The flags were distributed among the guests, who stood when their country name was called, raising the flag. At the end of the region, they processed to an altar with a desktop Peace Pole, where the flags were gathered.

The World Peace Prayer Ceremony concluded with flag bearers gathering around a little girl who held both the flag of the United States and that of her native Colombia.


Report by Deborah Moldow, WPPS Representative to the United Nations.


Planting Peace in Avila, Spain-March 22, 2008

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008
Up until this day, everything was an adventure – full of magic, as if an outside energy was guiding us and putting everything into place.

We found a centenary wood beam from an old mainstay house and Juan Carlos, a “brother” of ours and a very fine craftsman, hand carved more than 100 letters into the Peace Pole to complete the prayer MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH in four languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. A pyramid shape sculpture crafted in Argentina adorns the Peace Pole.


Edgar Ocaña, a talented musician, decided to compose a hymn in honor of the dedication ceremony…what a beauty…such lovely music…the melody spoke to us of Peace! Other musicians began to participate, in their own creative style and finally to our amazement, Diego Cruz, a talented songwriter and a kind-hearted being, decides to sing! 30 people joined us, all of who are special friends, sharing a commonality in spirituality!


We sang, danced and enjoyed a marvellous evening.

I run out of adjectives and I am overwhelmed with emotion. I only can say THANK YOU!

Submitted by Jose Miguel.


Peace Prevails in South Africa!-March 21, 2008

Friday, April 4th, 2008

News from Peace Rep, Susan Kaschula – SOUTH AFRICA

In South Africa, Peace Rep Susan Kaschula crafts her own peace poles and organizes dedication ceremonies in her community of Cape Town. In commemoration of the 93rd Southern African Theosophical Convention which took place during Easter weekend, Susan dedicated a Peace Pole in the garden of the Society’s Lodge with participants of the Convention on March 21st. The day’s event was dedicated to World Peace and closed with the World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony blessing each nation with prayers for peace to prevail.

Peace Rep Susan Kaschula with her hand crafted Peace Pole and members of the Theosophical Community.


Blessing each country with prayers for peace during the World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony.


This Peace Pole in front of Germiston Hall in Cape Town was dedicated last October.


Rotary Peace Cities-March-2008

Friday, April 4th, 2008

News from Peace Rep, Jeffrey A. Reiss – THAILAND

Peace Rep Jeffrey Reiss has been an active ambassador of WPPS since the late 1980’s. Since then he has organized and dedicated dozens of Peace Poles in collaboration with the Rotary Club and has enthusiastically promoted the Rotary Peace Cities Project. His newly established website will feature his peace work and will eventually have photos of all the Peace Poles planted through Rotary, Montessori Schools, Hawaii State Schools and Pathways to Peace.

Most recenlty, Jeff has organized two peace pole dedications to commemorate the founding of meditation gardens in Wat Lamai and Wat Jiang, Thailand.




Please visit for more information on Jeff Reiss and his work.


Northern Lights Illuminate Peace Pole-February, 2008

Friday, April 4th, 2008

I just heard about the project to spread the news about peace. I was at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska during the Yukon Quest and while I was waiting for the dog teams to come in, the Northern Lights came out. I took that photo at 1:30 in the morning at -38 degrees, not including the wind chill. You can see I too have found a Peace Pole with the Northern Lights in the background.


Submitted by Carol Falcetta.
You can visit her website at