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Boy Scouts plant Peace Pole in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania-USA

Friday, October 30th, 2009

September 21st, 2009

The Eagle project is possibly the toughest requirement to obtain the rank of Eagle, on the account of having to direct a large group of people in a decent sized project. For my Eagle project, I provided leadership in mulching and weeding the playground at the Wyomissing First Church of the Brethren. We obtained the mulch from the Wyomissing Borough, and used a dump truck and trailer to get it there. I directed people in straightening the landscaping ties as well. We also made a garden for the peace pole. Then I planted plants and a tree in this garden. Some of the youth participated by making stepping stones to place in the garden.




I selected the following languages and stated the reasons as follows in the ceremony:
German because the Brethren originated in Germany.
Hebrew because of our roots in the Bible and our relationship with the Temple next door that allowed us to worship there during our rebuilding process.
Spanish due to the large number of Spanish speaking people in out community
English because we live in America and it makes sense!

 I held a dedication ceremony for the Peace Pole on September 21st, 2009, which was the International Day of Prayer for Peace. It included many people of different faiths from the community, and was on the news. The best thing about my project was probably getting to lead others in a project that would help the community and the church in many ways.

By, Dylan Kaucher, Boy Scout Troop 538, Alsace Township, Wyomissing Church of the Brethren, 2200 State Hill Rd, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania-USA







Peace Pole in Florence Massachusetts-USA

Friday, October 30th, 2009

June 21st, 2009

We planted our Peace Pole in our front garden on June 21 (Solstice) 2009.
We bought the language plates: English, Danish, Hebrew and Chinese and constructed

the Peace Pole ourselves.

We invited our friends for a Solstice Celebration and Peace Pole
planting. Most of them had never seen a peace Pole.
Each person was encouraged to write a prayer, a
word or an inspiration on a small rock. We then took turns planting

 the rocks around the Peace Pole.  Then we concluded with a poem and a dance encircling    the Peace Pole.
 I first saw a Peace Pole when I moved to Heathcote Community in
 Freeland Maryland 10 years ago. It had been there since the 70’s.
After I moved to Massachusetts and I longed to be greeted by the
Peace Pole message again.
 My hope is that the Peace Pole will elicit smiles and touch hearts and
 that it will help to spread peace, smile by smile….heart by heart.
 Thank you for the inspiration you provide.



World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony in Assisi- Italy

Friday, October 30th, 2009

September 11th, 2009

A World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony was held in Assisi at the main square, in the very center of the town.  The Ceremony was presented by WPPS, Pearce Representative Sonoko Tanaka, Italy.  

 Information about The World Peace Prayer Society and Peace Pole Project was translated into Italian and placed on The World Peace March Webpage:









Peace Pole at Perry School in Sursum Corda, Washington, DC-USA

Friday, October 30th, 2009

September 21st, 2009



In honor of the International Day for Peace Little Friends for Peace (LFFP) planted a Peace Pole outside of the Perry School Community Services Center, located at 128 M Street, NW. in Washington, DC, in a neighborhood that receives much negative attention for violence, crime and drugs, the pole emphasizes that Perry School and those within its walls are making a stand for peace in their community. The Peace Pole states, “May Peace Prevail on Earth, in our Neighborhood, and in our Communities.”A dedication ceremony was recently held at which many community members and building workers attended to support the planting and that which it represents. MJ Park, LFFP’s Co-Director, gave a welcome to the group and facilitated the ceremony. The children from the Perry Center, Inc. and LFFP afterschool program participated in the ceremony, explaining and blessing the Peace Pole. Jamica, a fifth grader and afterschool participant, read an explanation of the Peace Pole just before all reached their hands toward the Pole and the closest children actually touched the Pole to bless it for Peace.

Mary Shapiro, founder and coordinator of Sounds of Hope at the Potter’s House, led the children in singing songs of peace including “This Little Light of Mine,” “Two Hands Hold the Earth,” and the “MLK Rap.” Then, children and staff from throughout the Perry School cheered the Peace Pole as a symbol to the community to strive for peace in our daily lives, and to spread that peace to others.


World Peace Prayer Ceremony-Torrington Connecticut, USA

Friday, October 30th, 2009

September 11th  and September 21st , 2009

On September 11th a World Peace Prayer Ceremony was held in Torrington, Connecticut, using Flag Cards (**Flag Cards are a beautiful and easy way to have WPFC anywhere, anytime and easily manageable for very small venues such as this!  See below).   It was organized by a Richard St. Laurent who was the inspiration behind the “11 Days of Global Peace” in honor of 9/11 and the International Day of Peace.  The World Peace Flag Ceremony was held in the center of Torrington, where a lovely Peace Pole had been planted a few years ago.  A light misty rain was upon us,  but as soon as we began praying for each country, the rain subsided.   When the ceremony ended, everyone felt elated and remarked how amazing and wonderful it was to pray for each country.   The ceremony was repeated again at the end of the 11 Days of Global Peace on September 21st, 2009.  A great thank you goes to Richard St. Laurent for his inspiration.  What a wonderful opportunity to pray in the center of a small city.

Pamela Beasley, WPPS Peace Representative, Cornwall, Connecticut USA


Handcrafted Peace Pole planted in Nüziders, Austria

Friday, October 30th, 2009


This uniquely handcrafted Peace Pole was planted during a peace festival at Trafo Seminar House in Nüziders, Austria. The unfamiliar language you see on this lovely Peace Pole is Quechua. The Quechua language of the Incas is now spoken in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina.




WPFC and Peace Pole presented in Salzburgh, Germany

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

September 21st, 2009

The World Peace Flag Ceremony and Peace Pole dedication took place at the Salzburgh Waldolf School in Salzburgh Germany.  This year marks the 5th IDP ceremony at the Salzburgh Waldorf School.


PEACE POLE presented at the 2ND World Culture Forum-Dresden, Germany

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

October 8-10, 2009

Mr. Hiroo Saionji, President of The World Peace Prayer Society and President of the Goi Peace Foundation was invited to take part in the forum at the World Culture Forum in Dresden, Germany.

Mr. Saionji stressed that this global crisis is not only about the economy but is at its core a crisis in human consciousness, and therefore advocated the creation of a new civilization based on the 4-S Concept – an integrated platform with four foundational pillars: Sustainability, Systems, Science and Spirituality. In order to achieve a worldwide cultural paradigm shift, Mr. Saionji invited the participants to work all together toward the creation of a critical mass made of far-sided pioneers worldwide to lead humanity into a bright and harmonious future. He encouraged the Forum’s audience to join forces in the fundamental transformation of our present materialistic civilization.   

 After having made his keynote presentation, Mr. Saionji offered a Peace Pole with the universal peace message, May Peace Prevail on Earth, in 8 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish) to the organizers of the World Culture Forum. Mr. Frey was honored to receive the Peace Pole. The Peace Pole was placed on stage during the entire World Culture Forum and will serve as a world peace monument for the upcoming world culture forum.

Among the founders of the WORLD CULTURE FORUM, it is a foregone conclusion that, in the dynamic and complicated world in which we live today, we can only find temporary solutions to such problems, and that these solutions must be reworked and redefined over time.  For more information: 


Peace Pole by Energy for Peace Organization-Colombia

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009


Dear All,

News from my Austrian “Energy for Peace” friends who support WPPS Peace Pole Project and other activities of The World Peace Prayer Society. 

I was asked if WPPS gives the official permission for a project of Colombian artist Danilo Ortiz till October 15th. 

Back in November 2007, I sent you all photos of him when he planted a lovely handmade artistic Peace Pole in his Colombian home town.

Then he planted Peace Pole in 2008 at a University of Narino in San Juan de Pasto, Colombia. The peace pole at the university is part of his project “Wall for Peace” (Murales por Paz).

He lives and works most of the time in Austria, and is a member of “Energy for Peace” there and travels to Colombia this autumn to start his latest

project:  A 16 meter tall Peace Pole, made of melted weapons of former Colombian Guerilla Rebels.


This Peace Pole will be donated to the Governor of the Colombian Province Pasto and will be planted at the border between Colombia and Ecuador. 

The Peace Pole will contain plaques of MPPOE in several languages. These plaques shall also feature the signatures of prominent people, such as:

Nelson Mandela, author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Bolivian President, Evo Morales, Peace Nobel Winner Rigoberta Menchu, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and others. 

The plaques will be designed and crafted together with Austrian School Children in a Peace Workshop.

May Peace Prevail in Colombia!  May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Dagmar Berkenberg, WPPS

Munich, Germany office




AFCODE Peace Pole Dedication in NIGERIA

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

 September 30, 2009

In September 2009, Agenda for Community Development carried out the inauguration of Peace and Character Education Project and Presentation of Peace Pole in Rite Heritage Montessori School, Agbado Crossing area of Lagos State, Nigeria. 
The purpose of the Peace and Character Education Project is to encourage communication between schools to advance policies and activities promoting peaceful coexistence and academic integrity as a character education strategy in public or private schools.  
With over sixty students in attendance, the program started with prayers said in both the Christianity and Islamic ways.    This was followed immediately with a welcome address by Olaitan Ibiyemi – a Peace Pals Coordinator and the convener of the event.  He reiterated the need for peaceful coexistence and urged the children in attendance to pray for peace in locations where there are wars and instability across the world. So on October 5, 2009, AFCODE regenerated the potential of our Peace Pals members in Toris School in carrying out environmental sanitation and awareness campaign programs to achieve the goal. Under this plan, AFCODE mobilized student members of Peace Pals Club in Toris School to engage in a three hour environmental sanitation exercises around the community.

AFCODE is planning hold training sessions and symposia across various communities.  The training program shall  encourage   children to   nurture  the spirit of love , harmony and  appreciation  while  facilitating  a  greater personal awareness  of  governance  and altruism.  
We foster   a sense of security by letting children know   that they are   always welcome.  A sense of security will arise when children know that they have   a place to go whenever they need help.  This sense of security shall encourage children to grow to their full potential.   MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH!
Report Presented by Olaitan Ibiyemi—Peace Pals Coordinator of WPPS
Coordinator/Facilitator:  Agenda for Community Development – AFCODE