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Little Squirrel brings Peace in Austin, Texas, USA

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

April 3rd, 2010

This Peace Pole is on a busy corner in the city of  Austin Texas. I first saw it when I was running the Human Race 10k, so I went back to take a photograph.

May the joy of the young squirrel be with you and the wisdom of the elder squirrel bring you peace.

Reverend Julie Gallagher
Austin, Texas, USA

Peace Pole Ceremony (1986) in Amana, Iowa, USA

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

March 1986

Many of our members and Peace Pole Project enthusiasts are sending us photographs and information about Peace Poles planted quite a few years ago.
Here is a Peace Pole that was planted the same year that The Peace Pole Project became established in the USA and 1986 was also the International Year of Peace.

Peace Pole Ceremony (1986) In Amana, Iowa - USA

WPPS Representative News: CPT, Renee Marie Commander in Afghanistan

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

MARCH 31ST, 2010

Letter addressed to Lieutenant Colonel Graves, family, friends and members of The World Peace Prayer Society

Soldiers really “want” for little to nothing given the environment we are in and the surrounding needs of the Afghan people.  We would rather help the Afghan community.  Two officers from my Charlie Medical Company are new committee members with Operation Outreach.  This is a volunteer effort to support humanitarian causes in the country.  Some of you may want to work with your church or social groups to collectively send school and art supplies, help pay for children’s’ medical procedures, purchase blankets, coats, hats, etc.  Operation Outreach has even paid for visas in order to send children and families to other countries for specialty care.

To nurture creativity, see the attached picture and write-up regarding High School students who are being supported to develop their creative gifts. Americans have so much EXCESS. If we share just a little, each in our own way, to show the Afghan people that we care about their physical, emotional and spiritual needs then we are helping to cultivate a world of peace and cooperation.

I am very excited about the work of Operation Outreach.  As for my special contribution, I have also chosen to work directly with the World Peace Prayer Society ( ) to spread the World Peace Message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth”, here on Camp Phoenix and in the Capital region.

If you want to support the troops from where you are, help us by supporting the development, joy, and hope for this war-torn country.

To support Operation Outreach, email: or .

If you want to help spread the world Peace Message, May Peace Prevail On Earth,  email me: .

Read about Operation Outreach here:

We look forward to your continued interest and support.
May Peace Prevail On Earth!
Very Respectfully,
CPT, Reneé Marie
Commander, CO C (MED) 186 BSB / 86 IBCT (MTN)
Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan

Captain Renee Marie in Afghanistan with Marafat Kabul Artists

Peace Message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, Ethiopia

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

The Universal Peace Message, May Peace Prevail On Earth,  creatively displayed with other peace messages on this colorful Peace Pole at the Layla House; a children’s home in Ethiopia.  May Peace Prevail among the children in Ethiopia!

May Peace Prevail On Earth!

2nd Session-May Peace Prevail on Earth’ School Programme—Manchester, England

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

March 31st, 2010

The ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ (MPPOE) School Programme- The 1st teachers’ training session took place on January 29th, 2010 and the 2nd session took place on March 31st, 2010.

Thus far, 24 teachers have been trained this year from 6 schools to run the ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ school programme as part of their school curriculum.

Glenda Thornton
The World Peace Prayer Society
at the Allanton Sanctuary
Auldgirth, Dumfries

To learn more about the MPPOE School Programme, please contact Glenda Thornton:

Peace Pole at Unitarian Universalist Church, Spokane, Washington, USA

Sunday, April 11th, 2010


For the past 10 years, this beautiful 6-side Peace Pole stands vigil inside the Unitarian Universalist Church in Spokane Washington.

In October-2009 the church members held their 10th Anniversary Peace Pole re-dedication ceremony.

Violence Prevention Task Force Peace Pole Project, Fall River, MA, USA

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

The 2nd Annual Peace by Piece Summit will be taking place on March 27th at Kuss Middle School. The goal of the summit is to bring people, groups and organizations together to talk about how violence impacts them and their community.  In order to prevent and reduce violence, we will raise awareness about issues of violence and mobilize, connect and empower attendees with the resources required to address those issues.

Earlier this month, Mayor Will Flanagan, who hosted the summit in conjunction with the Youth Choices Collaborative, unveiled the first Peace Pole as a part of the Violence Prevention Task Force Peace Pole Project. Wendy Garf-Lipp, who spearheaded the summit effort, spoke about the visual reminders from the Peace Pole that Fall River is pursuing peace. The four-sided Peaace Pole is in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Khmer or Cambodian. Flanagan has declared May 12th , as Peace Pole Planting Day.
Anyone wanting a Peace Pole can call United Neighbors of Fall River at 508-324-7900.

Caption: David Hathaway, former president of the Unitarian Church of Fall River stands beside a peace pole that was installed at the 175th Anniversary celebration.

IAN mobile Peace Pole, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


Inter-Religous Action Network (IAN) of Washington County has a beautiful mobile Peace Pole, which is available for special events. Use of the Peace Pole is open to organizations based in Washington County that have some relationship to the mission of IAN. Those who want to use it can obtain contact information from this website:

IAN mobile Peace Pole, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Faces of Peace: Brielle Williams, New York, USA

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Faces of Peace

Join us in our 2010 Youth Campaign to spread universal Peace Message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth.”

Please send us a photograph of yourself, holding up your personal “May Peace Prevail On Earth,” message in your language.

We will be compiling the images and creating a short music video of the many Faces of Peace.

Be sure to pass this along to your friends!

Send your Faces of Peace photos to

Brielle Williams, New York, USA

Brielle Williams, New York, USA

Peace Pole in Open Spaces, Sacred Places, Annapolis, MD, USA

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

April 1, 2010

The TKF Foundation is a private grant-making foundation whose purpose is to inspire and create “Open Spaces, Sacred Places.” It partners with organizations to create sacred places which increase a sense of community and contribute to a deepening of human connections.  These sacred places foster the development of human spirituality and are open and accessible to people of all beliefs, faiths and cultures.

Each garden that TKF helps to create includes an iconic bench and little yellow journal.  Filled with inspiring thoughts and reflections; the entries attest to the need for opportunities to connect to each other and reflect in nature.

Co-Founders: Kitty and Tom Stoner
410 Severn Avenue, Suite 216, Annapolis, MD
(410) 268-1376