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Webutuck High School student receives Peace Award-Amenia, NY USA

Monday, June 28th, 2010

June 23rd, 2010

Brielle Williams was the recipient of the 2010 Peace Award at the Webutuck High School Awards Ceremony.

Jim Dugan, Peace Pole maker at The World Peace Sanctuary was asked to present the Award by Mr. John Rocconova, who teaches the Technology Class at WHS.

The award was a 17″ desktop Peace Pole handcrafted by students in Mr. Rocconova’s class.

Monday, June 28th, 2010


Dearest Friends in Peace,

The planting of these 2 Peace Poles was another MILESTONE for me.

MARIO 'TOOTS' FUNGO,WPPS Volunteer Peace Representative and Executive Director of BOCC Inc.

I can feel the extraordinary mission of these 2 Peace Poles planted in a community where 2,000 indigent people live in dire poverty and scarcity of basic human services, such as: water, electricity and decent housing. Sanitary is absent in the area.

I commend the Japanese gentleman, Mr. Hiroshi Shinomiya, Director of the Project BASURA, who is starting a children center with the purpose of providing medical and educational assistance to the children that live in this impoverished dwelling.

It was through this man that Yosie and Osanai-san was introduced to this area and together with some other young Japanese members who came to be exposed to this kind of life in the” Basura Community.” In Filipinos and foreign media, this is known as ‘SMOKEY MOUNTAIN’ a symbol of the Philippine government’s inability to provide a better life for its people as you can plainly see in the photographs. It is heartwreching to witness the people, including helpless children living amidst the mismanaged garbage disposal system, which has been an issue for decades now among the marginalized sector of the Philippines Society. It touches my radical Christian spirituality.

The fatigue I was feeling at the moment was intensified by seeing and feeling this kind of situation of Humanity which we say Divine in our Prayer. At times during our 3 -hour stay, I needed to sit down and rest and drink water ( very warm area ) and Pray for Infinite Light and Physical Energy, so that I may complete my mission with Osanai-san and Ms. Yosie Hagiwara.

I will remain in communication with the people at the BASURA CENTER in terms of assisting the community. I turned-over the responsibility of protecting the 2 Peace Poles to the community leaders and village council members. I plan to give inner peace and mandala writing workshops when the center is finish.

I will be in close contact with Mr.Hiroshi Shinomiya, Director of the Project BASURA. Mr. Shinomiya is very supportive of the Basura (in tagalog means GARBAGE) Project. He has filmed the life of the people here to show to the Japanese youth to inspire them to come to the Basura community to assist with the development of social awareness in this community of hope.


Exec.Director,BOCC Inc.
Sta. Magdalena,Sorsogon
May Peace Prevail On Earth

MGCCC- Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College – Gulf Port, MA USA – Hand Crafted Peace Pole

Monday, June 28th, 2010

DATE: 9/27/2010

MGCCC- Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
Community Campus
10298 Express Dr.
Gulfport, MS 39503

Yes, Students Listen and Change the World North Buncombe Middle School,Weaverville North Carolina, USA

Monday, June 28th, 2010

June 23rd, 2010

JFMF and another teacher, Masahisa Goi, provided the inspiration that eventually leads students to design and construct a garden with a Peace Pole for a middle school in a small town with a population of about 2500. “Peace Paradise” will be a long-term project to be visited each year in the study of mathematics, science, global connections, and PEACE.

The Journey
A new school year always includes lessons on origami and the making of a peace crane. This year I also included a lesson on the Peace Poles that exist all over the world starting with the first one I saw at the Oya Stone Museum while traveling with the JFMF group. I had students design their own on paper. That was in September of 2009.

Two students, Shelby and Antartes who named their firm “Luxurious Landscaping” and their garden design, “Peace Paradise” were the overwhelming winners. In their design was a Peace Pole with the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in English, Japanese, Spanish and Russian to reflect the diversity of our school. Frankly, I was surprised that these seventh graders remembered that lesson but I was delighted as well.

During the design process one of my students, Daniel, approached me about the possibility of doing the construction as part of his Eagle Scout Project. I agreed with the stipulation that a detailed plan was required.

Next year, students will hear about the world’s Peace Poles and I hope they take pride in seeing one right outside their classroom window. Read the complete story on this blog entry:

Webutuck School District’s International Pot-Luck Supper

Monday, June 28th, 2010

June 10, 2010

The Webutuck School District held its annual International Pot-Luck Supper from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. James Orr, English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher at Webuck High School organized the annual event.

Caption: James Orr, ESL Teacher at WHS, with daughter Emily

Families were asked to bring a platter of food to represent their family heritage.

Ann Marie Robustelli presented national flags to honor the different nationalities and languages taught in the school.

The evening was complete with live Latino music, arts and crafts for the kids and a smorgasbord of international cuisine!

Ann Marie Robustelli
Executive Assistant & Community Relations
At The World Peace Sanctuary

Major at Afghan National Police District receives Desktop Peace Pole, AFGHANISTAN

Monday, June 28th, 2010

June 13th, 2010

On Sunday, I visited an Afghan National Police District and met with the female officers. The Major was so proud to put the Peace Pole on her desk next to her Country’s flag and asked me to send an American flag with the next group. The women also enjoyed hearing the history of the World Peace Message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, through our interreter. They immediately put the MPPOE buttons on their clothing.

Peace is awakening in every moment, somewhere!
Renee Marie, WPPS Peace Representative
Commander, CO C (MED)
Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan
~ May Peace Prevail On Earth spoken in every language.

PEACE POLE PROJECT Initiative in Fall River, MA, USA

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

First Peace Pole Unveiled at City Hall in Fall River, MA, USA

March 3rd, 2010
Mayor Flanagan unveiled the first Peace Pole as a part of the Violence Prevention Task Force Peace Pole Project. Mayor Flanagan held a press conference to present the Peace Pole to the city. Wendy Garf-Lipp, United Neighbors of Fall River Executive Director, spoke about the visual reminders that the Peace Pole will create. Christian McCloskey, Youth Services Coordinator, was also in attendance to speak about the upcoming Peace by Piece Summit. The summit brings together over 20 organizations within the city with the goal of promoting peace. There will 7 different workshops informing attendants how to promote peace and deal with various types of violence that they may encounter throughout their lives.

March 8th, 2010.
Mayor Flanagan of Fall River, MA unveiled a Peace Pole at Government Center today in an international initiative to promote peace. The Peace Pole by staff and students from St. Vincent’s Home. Each side of the pole reads, “May Peace Prevail On Earth,” in the languages of English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Khmer.

The Peace by Piece Summit is hosted by the Violence Prevention Task Force in partnership with The Youth CHOICES collaborative. The second annual Peace by Piece Summit was held on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 10am – 3pm at Kuss Middle School, 52 Globe Mills Avenue, Fall River, MA. It is a free event for anyone who works or lives in the city. Lunch will be served. Please register for the event, click here. For more information feel free to contact United Neighbors of Fall River at 508.324.7900

May 12th, 2010
THE FIRST OF MORE THAN FORTY-FIVE PEACE POLES created by 25 local organizations as part of the Peace by Piece Summit was “planted” at Griffin Park on May 12, 2010 to symbolize the Peace Poles that will be planted throughout the City of Fall River. The event was one of several initiatives aimed at creating a more peaceful community by raising awareness and promoting empowerment, collaboration and connection to reduce and prevent violence. “Throughout the City, both indoors and out, Peace Poles will be planted to serve as a constant visual reminder that peace is truly attainable if the community works together,” stated United Neighbors director Wendy Garf-Lipp. Ann Marie Robustelli, of The World Peace Prayer Society gifted handcrafted desktop Peace Poles to be given to Mayor Flanagan, Acting Fall River Police Chief Dan Racine, Bristol County DA Samuel Sutter, and the Fall River Shannon Community Safety Initiative.

United Neighbors of Fall River Executive Director Wendy Garf-Lipp describes the significance of Peace Poles as Fall River Youth Coordinator Christian McCloskey and Mayor Will Flanagan looks at one of the 60 poles that will be planted across the City.

More than one hundred and sixty people gather at Griffin Park at the center of Fall River to mark the Peace Pole Day, the start of an on-going, multi-tiered, city-wide approach to bring peace to Fall River. The event was one of several initiatives aimed at creating a more peaceful community by raising awareness and promoting empowerment, collaboration and connection to reduce and prevent violence.

Sister Rosemary of St. Vincent's Home, one of over 45 agencies that will be planting a total of 62 Peace Poles both indoors and outdoors in the coming weeks, states her agency's pledge to use a Peace Pole to provide a positive message of hope and inspiration while United Neighbors of Fall River Executive Director Wendy Garf-Lipp looks on.

D - Rev. Marangelien Jovet, left, of the House of Restoration The Good Samaritan on Morgan Street and Carmen Andino, right, of the Corky Row Tenants' Association, applaud the unveiling of the Griffin Park Peace Pole along with Mayor Will Flanagan.

Homing pigeons are released in front of dozens of children gathered at the ceremony to symbolize peace.

Ann Marie Robustelli, Executive Assistant and Coordinator of The Peace Pole Project at The World Sanctuary, headquarters of The World Peace Prayer Society wrote,

“It is truly an honor to award our handcrafted Desktop Peace Poles to the recipients who have selflessly and immensely contributed to promoting nonviolence in the Fall River community.”
The Peace Pole Project is an official project of The World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS), a non-profit, non-sectarian organization supported by individuals of all nationalities and faiths dedicated to uniting the hearts of humanity through the universal message, May Peace Prevail on Earth. The Peace Pole Project serves as a worldwide grassroots effort to bring the powerful message of peace to the people of all ethnic back round and cultures. Everyday, the growing number of members and supporters around the world are working together to carry the universal message of peace to their communities on every continent.
In addition, on behalf of The World Peace Prayer Society and its supporters, it is truly my honor to present this 8 foot handcrafted Peace Pole to the citizens of the Falls River community to commemorate the Fall River Peace Pole Initiative.
This Peace Pole bears Messages of Peace on each of its four sides:
May Peace be in the United States of America, May Peace be in our Homes, May Peace be in our Communities, May Peace Prevail On Earth.
Now, more than 40 Peace Poles offered by the Fall River Peace Pole Project will officially join the network of over 200,000 Peace Poles that have been dedicated to world peace in every country throughout the world. May Peace Prevail On Earth!”

Photographs taken by: David S. Weed, Psy.D.Coordinator, Healthy City Fall River, Government Center, Fall River, Massachusettes

‘Youthbuild’ Peace Pole Project, Fall River, MA, USA

Saturday, June 19th, 2010


This is the Peace Pole from Community Development Recreation. The kids surrounding the Peace Pole are part of an organization called Youthbuild that is for underserviced youth. They are in a GED (General Equivalency Diploma) program and learn the fundamentals of construction work. They prepared all the Peace Poles for Fall River – cutting the lengths, making the points and giving them the first coat of paint.

The group photo has Mayor Flanagan in the center in suit, Jamison Souza in tie director of CD Rec and Grace Gerling CEO CD Rec next to him and the America's Promise Alliance Fellows for the state of MASS.

Photographs Submitted by:
Jamison D. Souza
Program Director
Fall River, Massachesttes

Peace Pole at Department of Youth Services, Fall River, MA, USA

Saturday, June 19th, 2010


This is part of the ever-expanding Peace Pole Project Initiative in Fall River, Massachusetts.

The languages chosen were English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Khmer.

Submitted by:
Melanie Leiter
OCY/Key Program Resource Development Specialist
DYS Fall River District Office
Fall River, MA

I AM HERE ….I AM READY…..I AM OPEN…..I AM GUIDED……May Peace Prevail On Earth! Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

June 17th, 2010

A very peaceful place.

Sisters of the Holy Names
Villa Maria Del Mar
Santa Cruz, California