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Peace Pole – Near Yosemite National Park – California – USA

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

May 13, 2013

I was out for a morning run in and around the Tenaya Lodge near Yosemite. While running alone on the trails I starting thinking about bears and mountain lions and decided to continue my run on the road instead. Adjusting to the altitude I started walking back to the Lodge. In doing so, I was caught off guard by a marker I saw in the grass. As I got closer and realized what it said, I actually gasped at the simple beauty of the marker and the “May Peace Prevail on Earth” statement (now I know it is called a Peace Pole). I circled the marker several times and wondered about who put it there, the reason behind it, why those languages where chosen, and how surprised I was at the visceral reaction I had to it. A sense of deep peace and bewilderment overcame me. I had the urge and need to say a prayer and mediate at that spot. I prayed for others, I prayed for understanding, I prayed for those who suffer, I prayed for peace. My meditation session brought about many emotions, specifically tears for those who must have had to suffer in order for this Peace Pole to be erected. I took a photo of the Peace Pole hoping that someday soon I will find out more about it.


I posted the photo on Facebook and quickly received a response from a friend who told me about the organization and who provided me with your contact name and email address.

Looking at this photo provides me with a great sense of serenity. I am grateful for the experience and know there is a bigger and greater reason why I “ran’ into the Peace Pole that day and I feel certain that the answer will be forthcoming soon.

Thank you and the organization for providing me with this experience. I truly believe that all things happen for a reason and I was drawn to the pole that day – not by happenstance, but by circumstance.

Sue Edwards

If you happen upon a Peace Pole during one of your journey’s or runs – be sure to send your Peace Pole stories and photos to and/or feel free to share them on our May Peace Prevail On Earth page on Facebook.

Students plant PEACE in Berkeley, CA

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Students plant PEACE in Berkeley, CA

May 29th was a sunny bright morning in Berkeley, California. Sixth graders at the Willard Middle School made preparations for the dedication ceremony by wrapping their Peace Pole in colorful paper and ribbons to unveil during the program.


On the way to the school garden where the Peace Pole was waiting for them, each student picked up a cookie baked in the shape of letters to spell the word – PEACE.


The Principal opened the ceremony by addressing the students about their commitment to peace as a school and as individuals. Several students unveiled the Peace Pole and the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, was read and repeated in various languages.

Flags representing every world nation were passed out to the students who eagerly awaited to participate in the World Peace Flag Ceremony. The loud and clear voices of the children were filled with wonder and excitement as they called out the names of each of the 193 countries of the world for peace to prevail on earth. The hearts of the children, parents and faculty alike became one united voice for peace on earth sending ripples from Berkeley out to the world.


Won Buddhism Center plants PEACE

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Won Buddhism Center plants PEACE

The Won Dharma Center is located in Claverack, NY. Ven. Chung Ohun Lee, Ph.D, member of the Supreme Council of Won Buddhism and director of the Center organized a Visionary Activist Gathering early in May at the newly constructed retreat Center. A Peace Pole was dedicated along with a Flag Ceremony to commemorate the occasion.