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The 15th annual Allanton, Scotland Peace Festival

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

The 15th annual Allanton Peace Festival was blessed with perfect weather and welcomed over 400 participants who enjoyed the peace programs throughout the day which focused on the theme, “Natural Scotland”.  The day started with the Thornhill Pipe Band making a call to peace followed by Highland dancers who added to the festive Scottish spirit.  Booths filled with peace goods lined the tents along with activity booths for children and adults alike.  Aikido practitioners demonstrated their art and guests were invited to sit and experience the art of Japanese tea ceremony.  The Forest School attracted many a young enthusiasts who learned the art of fire making.  Throughout the day countless young musicians entertained the crowd with joyful music.  The program ended with the World Peace Flag Ceremony which created a feeling of Oneness as participants gathered under the tent to send prayers for peace to prevail in each and every world nation and all the other regions of the world.

The-15th-annual-Allanton-Scotland-Peace-Festival_02The-15th-annual-Allanton-Scotland-Peace-Festival_03 The-15th-annual-Allanton-Scotland-Peace-Festival


Peace at 38th Parallel North (Korea)

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Peace at 38th Parallel North

In 1948, the 38th parallel became the boundary between the newly-created countries of  North Korea and South Korea. Many years later, a Protestant Priest opened a peace school close to this border. His plan is to build 10 similar schools along the 38th parallel to anchor the spirit of peace in this much needed region.  A group of WPPS members traveled to visit the school to discuss future collaboration with the principal and also planted a Peace Pole at Mt. Soi.  The area around Mt. Soi is known to have experienced some of the most brutal battles in the history of Korea.  There are also many land mines which the American forces dropped during the Korean War still buried and alive in this region.  May Peace be in Korea!



Peace Pole for Peace Day at Chester Elementary School-Chester, Connecticut-USA

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Peace Pole for Peace Day at Chester Elementary School-Chester, Connecticut-USA



Peace-Pole-for-Peace-Day-at-Chester-Elementary-School-Chester,-Connecticut-USA_02 Peace-Pole-for-Peace-Day-at-Chester-Elementary-School-Chester,-Connecticut-USA_03

Peace Pole at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy-Savannah, Georgia-USA

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Hello Ann Marie,


We had a dedication ceremony for our new Peace Pole at our school in Savannah, Georgia.   A few notes about our school:  We are a public Montessori school named ‘Charles Ellis Montessori Academy’, grades pre-K – 8th, with a socio-economically diverse student body.

Peace Pole at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy-Savannah, Georgia-USA_03

One part of our ceremony had 8th graders (graduating this year) passing on white paper peace roses that they made to our new pre-K students.   It was heart-warming to see the oldest and the youngest interact this way.   The remainder of the ceremony had each grade level performing a cultural activity/performance based on the language that their grade chose to be represented on the Peace Pole. (we have the Peace Message in 8 languages on the Peace Pole).

Peace Pole at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy-Savannah, Georgia-USA_01 Peace Pole at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy-Savannah, Georgia-USA_02


May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Shauna Kucera

Peace Pole Dedication at Burchfield Primary School-Colusa, California – USA

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

May 9th, 2013

On a bright sunny morning day in the town of Colusa, California,  a Peace Pole was dedicated at Burchfield Primary School. The entire student body (400 students) assembled on the school campus lawn to take part in the program which started with the Presentation of Colors.  The students sang a few songs dedicated to peace followed by a welcome message by the Principal.  Captain Renee Marie, Peace Representative of WPPS, spoke next about the mission of peace we all carry out into the world and introduced Fumi Johns Stewart, Executive Director of WPPS who made a short remark to the students.


Gloria Lopez who lives in the neighboring town of Williams has made it her mission to plant Peace Poles since the death of her son who was deployed in Afghanistan. To date she has been instrumental in planting 6 Peace Poles and is ready to add 2 more to the list this summer.  Gloria invited, Amy Maldonado, a student at the local Colusa High School to take on the Peace Pole dedication project as her Senior Project.


The dedication ceremony closed with all the students coming up to the Peace Pole to place a peace rock they had created for this occasion. Burchfield Primary School has now joined the network of Schools that have planted Peace Poles around the world. 


Peace Pole Dedication Day at Pales in WALES – UNITED KINGDOM

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013


We were blessed with a dry day and about 50 people came along as well as the 25 or so of the choir. It was a good mixed crowd and  included our Assembly member Kirsty Williams who is also Welsh leader of the Lib Dems and our MP Roger Williams and Fellowship of Reconciliation president Nis Rhosier.


We sang peace songs weaving our way down to the pond area where we had a “minute of silence” to reflect on peace and what we can do in our lives for peace and then each person laid a pebble by the Peace Pole while the Peace Choir sang “No More War” and other peace songs. We then wound our way back up the gardens holding hands and singing.

May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Lynda Williams

World Peace Prayer Ceremony at World Peace Forum – LUXEMBOURG 2013

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013


The venue, a Luxenbourg-German-France  financed senior high school was the ideal place.


WPFCWorld-Peace-Forum-LUXEMBOURG-2013_04 WPFCWorld-Peace-Forum-LUXEMBOURG-2013_02 WPFCWorld-Peace-Forum-LUXEMBOURG-2013_03

May Peace Prevail On Earth” Day in Detroit Lake in honor of Rotary International “Peace Through Service” — Minnesota – USA

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

May 16th, 2013

On May 16th, a Peace Pole was dedicated at Essentia Health St. Mary’s Rotary Park in Detroit Lake City, Minnesota.  The idea was initiated by Rotarians of Breakfast and Noon Rotary Clubs to celebrate the 2013 International Rotary theme, “Peace through Service.”  Long time friends of WPPS, Diane Jolicouer and Ed Gherke of One Heart One Mind were instrumental in encouraging the planting of the Peace Pole.


The dedication was attended by District Governor of Rotary Don Cavalier who read a proclamation declaring May 16th as May Peace Prevail On Earth Day in Detroit Lake City.  At the end of the dedication, doves were released to send wishes for peace from Detroit Lakes out to the world.


Heilbronn Technical College—Heilbronn-GERMANY

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

May 15th, 2013
Students at the Gustav-Werner-School, a vocational technical school in Heilbronn, Germany crafted an 8 sided Peace Pole for their peace celebration which was held on May 15th.  Companies in the town of Heilbronn sponsored the crafting of the Peace Pole which was gifted and planted in the center of the town in a space called Peace Square. One teacher comment that, “It was a lot of work but the Peace Pole message is very very important to all the students and teachers.”


Heilbronn-Technical-College—Heilbronn-GERMANY-1Heilbronn-Technical-College—Heilbronn-GERMANY-2 Heilbronn-Technical-College—Heilbronn-GERMANY-3

Friedenspfahl in Ganserndorf-Peace Pole with Rhinestone – AUSTRIA

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

February 6, 2013

Peace Pole on church grounds of Ganserndorf in Austria.

What makes this Peace Pole extraordinary is that a special language plate was crafted which adorns rhinestones (strass stones) to create a Braille language plate (see photo).

Peace-Pole-with-Rhinestones-AUSTRIA_01 Peace-Pole-with-Rhinestones-AUSTRIA_03 Peace-Pole-with-Rhinestones-AUSTRIA_02,585953.html