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Peace Pole-the tradition of giving…. Ellicott City, Maryland – USA

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014


When I was Principal at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, we had Peace on Earth as our religious theme in 2004.  Two of my teacher friends on our School Leadership Team asked me if we could get a Peace Pole.  At that time,  I had no idea what a Peace Pole was.  But I said “sure!”


All that school year, we processed in and out of our weekly school Mass with the Peace Pole (we also bought a metal stand) and at the end of the year, we “planted” it in a lovely ceremony.  I quickly found that it was my favorite thing — I saw it every morning as I came in and every evening as I left.  So when I retired in 2011, the faculty wanted me to have my own Peace Pole.  And so I got it that summer and I love it.  My School Leadership Team members came to my house for brunch and a blessing ceremony and we planted it.  I now have a little garden around it.  Since then, two others have retired.  I gave each of them a desktop Peace Pole for their retirement gift.  A third retires next week.  What else could I get her?   So, of course I ordered one of your lovely 17 inch desktop Peace Poles.

The tradition goes on…

Thank you!

May Peace Prevail On Earth!


World Peace Prayer Society at the Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival

Friday, July 25th, 2014

June 21st & 22nd ~ 2014

To quote the festival website:  Since the 1960s, the Clearwater Festival has grown into the country’s largest annual environmental celebration, its music, dance and storytelling, education and activism attracts thousands of people of all ages to the shores of the Hudson River.”

The Clearwater Festival is considered to be one of the greatest festivals in America and was started by Peace Activist and musician Pete Seeger. For the fourth year running Jim Dugan has taken the World Peace Booth to the famous Activist Area at Clearwater. Jim was joined this year by his wife Jackie, his mom Carol, Jules Lamore from WPPS and Deb Musgrove.


Pete Seeger and his wife Toshi both passed away since last years Festival and were greatly missed this year. At last years event we were honored to have Pete stop by the World Peace booth and Jim gave Pete a couple of pencils with May Peace Prevail on Earth printed on them which put a big smile on Pete’s face. The World Peace booth helps spread the message of May Peace Prevail on Earth to festival attendees through the display of Peace Poles, banners, printed materials, the sharing of information through direct personal contact with Festival attendees and the many different items available for purchase that can also be found online at the ShopPeace website. Jim takes this booth to several of the regions biggest festivals each summer and Clearwater certainly holds a special place among them.


At last years Clearwater Festival, for the first time there, Jim lead a World Peace Flag Ceremony and it was such a big hit with festival goers that the Clearwater producers requested a World Peace Flag Ceremony on both days of the festival this year. The times chosen each day even coincided with the hours that had the highest public attendance. The comments that followed the Ceremony from the public were very moving and it was obvious the World Peace Flag Ceremony had a wonderful impact on young and old alike that were present and carried a flag to send their wishes and positive thoughts to every Nation on our Planet. The World Peace Prayer Society is honored to be so greatly embraced by this magnificent festival and our presence there is truly a perfect fit. We all look forward to being part of the Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival for many years to come.


Please watch our Youtube Video of The World Peace Flag Ceremony at The Clearwater Festival


Children in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan Participate in Peace Pals Art Contest 2014 for Right to Peace

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Saiqa Kaur of New Horizon Kindergarten School in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan organized the children to participate in the 2014 – 17th Annual Peace Pals International Art Exhibition & Awards art contest with the UN IDP theme “Right to Peace.”


I belong to Pakistan and working with children since many years. Peace and interfaith Harmony were the main theme of our work. We are interacting with children in the field of Art for Peace (Painting, cultural songs, Cultural dances, cultural festivals, theater)


I was trying to conduct this art activity in many schools or design it in a art exhibition for peace especially for the children of deprived and excluded groups but unfortunately I did not got good response from schools because they are having first term exams and summer vacations were started so it was blank for me.


With the help of our women volunteers, Lok Vehar Organized this activity. Children were briefed about  them and they painted. At the end they told me very interesting stories about their paintings what they feel about it what they want to describe in their painting.   They don’t have clear idea of UNO but for them if we have peace in this world every were we will have flowers, butterflies, peaceful homes, sharing this is peaceful world for them.


I feel we are sewing peace seeds and there is high hope someday they will grow and become huge trees.


Saiqa Rehmat
Lok Vehar Development Organization

Peace Pals International 2014 – Children from Lahore Pakistan Participate “Right to Peace.”

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

June 30, 2014

7 Children from Lahore, Pakistan participated in the Peace Art Work here are the experiences, feelings and reflections of their thoughts which they had already portrayed through coloring the Peace as they perceived it, they were happy and excited while doing it as this was something they were doing it for the first time in their lives that they were Painting the Peace. They all talked to each other about Peace that how it works in their lives daily and by doing what (things)  will effect the world, how others will be influenced and get the message that they should say welcome to Peace in their lives.


So according to the Theme 2014 “Right to Peace” they started with blank pages with some lines on it to give a kick to their minds, later they come up with different ideas that what they will draw. They made Planet Earth with the heart and Divine Love coming out of each individual, drew Globe with Peace on it with love and different designs, painted all Religions together with hope of Friendship, acceptance, Peace and Rainbow covered all of them, butterfly, made flags of all countries with a Dove on it, made hearts, laughter’s, wrote messages on it in Urdu and English of May Peace Prevail on Earth, Hope, Peace on Earth and goodwill to mankind.



When it comes to reflections they happily wrote:

Fairy: “I enjoyed very much doing this art work, we were glad to make Peace signs and ask people to join us to make this possible”.

Angel: “I was excited to paint the Globe and was thinking can we all live in harmony and understand the Divine message of Love, Peace, togetherness and forget all differences?”

Sam: “I learnt the meaning of Peace by writing different words in my painting of Peace and Love”.

Shehwaiz: “While making and coloring heart, Peace and Smile I pledged not to fight and will try to be an instrument of Peace”.

Tisha: “I am happy to be part of this painting competition and was eager to know what others will make, I loved the Rainbows and wish we all get bright, beautiful and colorful like them”.

Neha: “I want and wish that what if we all live in Peace and have no borders and wars”.

Michael: “I want to be a Peace Butterfly, which live in everyone’s heart forever”.

Above are the reflections of gentle and pure hearts. Take care.


Harmony with Difference: A Local – Global Peace Pole and Flag Ceremony – Medford, Oregon – USA

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

On Saturday, May 31st, 10:00am the sound of John Lennon’s “Imagine” played in the sunlit morning calling people together and started the Harmony with Difference: A Local – Global Peace Pole and Flag Ceremony.



This historic, multi-cultural event bringing friendship and goodwill within the Rogue Valley, Oregon cultures and internationally with China, was guided by Fumi Johns Stewart and Jules Lamore of the World Peace Prayer society. It was organized by David Wick and Irene Kai of  Southern Oregon China Connection and co-sponsored by Medford/Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, and United Way of Jackson County, Oregon. This was a first.


Participants were truly moved by the four languages on the Peace Pole, English, Chinese, Spanish and Lakota which expressed the universal message May Peace Prevail on Earth – transcending religion, politics, ethnicity, and all other differences.

The International symbol dedicated to Peace, friendship and goodwill, will serve as an inspiration and source of pride for generations to come.

The wonderful speakers were:
• Agnes Baker Pilgrim – Member of International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
• Representative Dennis Richardson – Oregon Legislator, candidate for Oregon Governor
• Minister Counsellor Mr. Fang Maotian, Chinese Embassy Washington DC
• Representative Peter Buckley – Oregon Legislator
• Lilia Caballero – Cultural Liaison Coordinator, Medford Police Department
• Art Lumley, Ret. Navy Commander, Chair of the Jacksonville/Applegate Rotary Club Peace Committee

We were also treated to the Ballet Folklorico Ritmo Alegre dance troup.


This dedicated and honored Peace Pole was then placed as a permanent regional monument in the main walkway in the US Cellular Community Park in Medford. It will be a shared inspiration for many thousands of young people and families from Oregon, and many surrounding states, who come to this well known facility.



Please click here to watch KDRV TV Channel News on the event.