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Peace Pole Planted – Bavarian town of Freising – Germany

Friday, August 29th, 2014

On July 27th 2014 the 2nd peace pole was planted in the Bavarian town Freising, next to the church “Saint Jakob” during one of the various celebrations taking place in that month to commemorate 100 years World War I. Pax Christi was one of the main initiators to this Peace Pole planting.

Freising`s District Administrator Josef Hauner mentioned that the message on the Peace Pole is not a reality yet if one considers the current world affairs, and that it would be vital to treat all the refugees currently coming to Germany in a good way as they seek peace here.


The town’s Cultural Representative Mr Hubert Hierl said that Freisings first Peace Pole already “did its job.”  The town’s 1st Peace Pole was planted on the property of a former Mosque, a place of great political controversy, but now after the Peace Pole planting the relationship between the town`s inhabitants and the Muslim’s living in Freising relaxed and is good now. The goals to have a 2nd Peace Pole were: To create a place for REFLECTION, a place for PRAYER and a place for CHANGE.

Local Societies attended the event with their flags; guests of the twin town in France joined the local participants.

The Peace Pole Planting was reported in the “Münchner Merkur”, a serious South German daily.  District Administrator Hauner put the Peace Pole planting in his Facebook account.


Catholic Parish “St. Jakobus” in Degersheim , Switzerland plants 9 Peace Poles

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

July 2014

The Catholic Parish “St. Jakobus” in Degersheim celebrated its 250th anniversary this July and.  In an eco village in Degersheim peace poles are carpentered for Switzerland.  To celebrate the anniversary St. Jakobus they wanted to plant 9 peace poles along a “Peace Path” in this wonderful green Swiss countryside. The poles featured  May Peace Prevail on Earth in 25 different languages,  but also prayers and words of wisdom, so that everybody walking on the peace path could get a chance to reflect about peace and reconciliation. One pole says for example “May you be the change, you want to see in this world.”


100 people of the parish participated – despite heavy rain – in the inauguration of the “Friedensweg” (Peace Path) of Degersheim. There is a way-post in Degersheim showing the directions to the Friedenweg. One needs 1.5 hours to walk from one peace pole to the next. A lovely little flyer explains which language can be seen on the peace pole.


MPPOE can be read in Turkish, Swedish, Arabic, Swiss Dialect, German, French, Italian, Tuwali, Tibetan, Albanian, Esperanto, Russian, Chinese and others.

Peace Pole dedicated in Ruhla, GERMANY

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

July, 24th, 2014

A Peace Pole was dedicated in Ruhla, Germany, with a worthy ceremony. The dedication took place on the opening day of the annual parish fair and was performed by the pastor of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Ruhla, Reverend Gerhard Reuther, the mayor of Ruhla, Mr Hans Ziegler, a representative of the Foundation of the Wartburgsparkasse (a local bank that contributed financial support), Mr. Joachim Press, the children of the local Kindergarten and members of the parish fair association. It was a very nice and touching experience that many local people and guests attended.

peace pole ruhla germany 1

peace pole ruhla germany 3

The Ruhla Peace Pole was made by handicapped people of a sheltered workshop of a christian social institution and carries the prayer “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in 16 different languages:
Amharic, Arabic, Chichewa, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Kinyarwanda, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Ruehler (the local dialect), Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

peace pole ruhla germany 7

The selection was done with regard to the relations that are maintained by the municipality or the Ecumenical 1World-Group of the Protestant Church Congregation respectively on the background of their work and/or partnership with political, social or charity partners. Other languages were selected with a view to religious and social aspects, like Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish, for example.

We are proud to be part of the world wide community of peaceloving people who do everything they can to spread the message of peace in word and deed.

Sincerely Yours, Reverend Gerhard Reuther, Ruhla, Germany.

Hiroshima Day – When Crepe Myrtles Bloom – a Poem by Masahisa Goi – Founder of The World Peace Prayer Society

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014


When Crepe Myrtles Bloom
Masahisa Goi  


– When crepe myrtles and oleanders bloomI remember the day the atomic bomb was dropped –

With these words, everyone in Hiroshima cries.

Saying so, my wife, a native of ground zero

Wets her eyes with tears

In the sorrow of losing many of her students and acquaintances.

Despite the knowledge

That human life and death totally lie in the hands of God,

We pity the ones who died

And feel the heavy responsibility assigned to us who survived.

I am aware from the very depth of my heart

Of the weight of life of a hundred million people,

Nay three billion people,

Nay all the souls who departed to the other world.


May peace prevail on Earth

Let eternal peace visit this land,

We feel the strong will of God in our urge to offer this prayer.


Smelling of conflicts

Not just in Vietnam,

Not just between Israel and the Arab countries,

But in every part of the Earth,

We pray the invocation for world peace

So that the tragedy of the atomic explosions

And the catastrophe of major wars

Will be prevented from occurring again in this world,

And so that we will be able to manifest in this world

A perfectly harmonious world

A world that accords with the mind of God.


I see my garden with a prayerful heart,

A garden planted with a tree of crepe myrtle,

A memory of Hiroshima

And oleander,

A gift from a friend of mine.

Both are blooming their beautiful flowers

And are offering their prayers for world peace,

An annual commemoration of more than ten years.


Note:  Crepe myrtles and oleanders typically bloom with pink, red, and white flowers in summer in Japan.

For more history on Masahisa Goi, please click here.

Festival of Cultures in Fürstenfeldbruck, GERMANY

Monday, August 4th, 2014

July 12th, 2014

Staff from WPPS office in Munich, Germany volunteered to help refugees.  The helper circle`s booth at the Festival was one of the busiest because our refugee boys from Africa showed us how well they drum & dance and our  ladies from Syria, Afghanistan, Macedonia and Kosovo cooked delicious food from their countries….. all this despite Ramadan where the wonderful chefs cannot even taste what they cook!

The stage had another banner with MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH in 20 languages and people remarked about the positive and joyful message.

There was Bavarian music, Chinese dragon dances, Zumba instructors introduced Zumba, Brasilians, Bolivians and Peruans danced and only the Football Worldcup Final on that night Germany-Argentina made the people go home!

Zumba dance and peace go well together!

Zumba dance and peace go well together!

Submitted by: Dagmar Berkenberg, WPPS, Munich Germany