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Mountain View Peace Pole, Arkansas – USA

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

August 2, 2015

On January 15th of 2013, 16 citizens of Stone County, Arkansas gathered at the Stone County Library in Mountain View, Arkansas to discuss the possibility of joining together to create a Peace Pole in Mountain View.


The majority of those attending had not heard of Peace Poles, nor of the World Peace Prayer Society, and much of the meeting was spent teaching about the concept. At the end of the meeting it was voted to move ahead and a second meeting was scheduled to discuss just what sort of Pole, and where it might be located.

At the second meeting it was decided to create a Peace Pole made of the native stone that the county is named for, in the hope that it will share it message of peace  for the next 7 generations.


Fundraising was discussed, as well as location. It was decided that it would be most appreciated in a visible and well trafficked public area. Committees were formed to begin fundraising, others to approach the City with the idea, and still others formed for side projects envisioned by various members of the group.

Several successful fundraisers brought enough donations to begin the project, however, after an initial acceptance by the City Council, a faction arose that DO NOT like Peace Poles and the first summer was spent with attempts to gain public ground repeatedly blocked.

However, the Stone County Post #7 of the AmVets organization heard Peace Pole representatives, were taught the concept of Peace Poles, and voted to welcome the Mountain View Arkansas Peace Pole on the site of their post at 1112 W Main St, in Mountain View, AR.


A third meeting was held after one of the fundraising events and it was decided to make the languages represent the history of Stone County. Thus the languages chosen for the phrase ” May Peace Prevail On Earth ” would be Cherokee for the original inhabitants, the First Nations. Cherokee was specifically chosen because it is the only First Nations language with it’s own alphabet, as well to honor those who walked the roads of the Trail of Tears, which is very near this part of Arkansas.

Irish-Gaelic was chosen to represent the Western settlers. Mountain View is called ‘ The Folk Music Capitol of the World’ and is famous for it’s long history and dedication to preserving the music brought to this country by those early settlers.

Wolof, the native language of Senegal was chosen to represent the often under-represented efforts of the African people, many of whom were brought from Senegal as slaves and whose descendants helped work the barges, build the roads, and lay the railroads, and whose efforts allowed the settling and growth of the area.

The fourth language is modern English for the people of today and the 7 Generations To Come.

It has been a long road from that January over 2 years ago, with a great deal of support as well as a great deal of resistance. A small core of the original group have kept the project going and have chosen to underwrite the remaining expenses, therefore…

The Mountain View Arkansas Peace Pole has finally been built, set, and is close to completion! There remains some mosaic work to be done on the concrete at the base of the Pole, and then it will be ready to be Dedicated, and to give over to the care of the AmVets.


The Dedication date has yet to be determined. It has always been the hope that it would be dedicated on the International Day of Peace on September 21st. If the mosaic is laid in time, there will be a dedication this year, but things move slowly in the South, and it may be that Dedication will be put off until that date in 2016.

Submitted by Tom Cloud

Community Pot Luck Gathering & World Peace Flag Ceremony, The World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, New York-USA

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

July 12, 2015

Friends and neighbors of The World Peace Sanctuary were invited to The World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) for a festive Community Pot Luck Gathering and World Peace Flag Ceremony on Sunday, July 12th, 2015.


Guest were eager to take part in the special,  flag Ceremony, held under the canopy of 100 year old walnut trees, referred to as the “sacred grove.” Flag bearers and audience alike were taken on a virtual world tour as country names were announced while participants sent their heartfelt wishes for “peace to prevail “in each country!


At the end of the ceremony, Michael Raspantini, carrying the USA flag, and Yumiko Sasaki ( born and raised in Hiroshima, Japan) carrying  the Japan flag, were asked to stand side-by-side with their flags,  in honor of the 70th Anniversary of the Atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki ( August 6th, 2015).  The World Peace Prayer Society was established in Japan and its headquarters is in The United States.


Fifty or so people attended this event. Many attended from the immediate community, some from surrounding towns, and NYC area, in addition to WPPS members from California.  Everyone shared their  homemade signature dishes and were happy  to simply spend time together and out in nature, on the beautiful sprawling grounds of The World Peace Sanctuary.  There one can find a picnic area,  a labyrinth in the walnut grove and a Peace Path that leads up to the Ceremonial field.


To learn more about the programs and projects at The World Peace Sanctuary, email:

Ann Marie Robustelli, Assistant Director at The World Peace Sanctuary

Dance for Lupus Stoneybrook Block Party, Stratford, CT-USA

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

June 28th, 2015

Dance for Lupus Stoneybrook Block Party, Stratford, Connecticut captured the essence of the universal peace message, May Peace Prevail On Earth.


It started with the purest intentions of a lovely young woman, by the name of Lauren Recine. She gathered her neighbors, friends and family to help raise awareness and funds for the Lupus Foundation, by  organizing a community block party!

Lauren Recine

The street closed and the festivities began! People came to show their support from Stratford and its surrounding areas, to include: Brookfield, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Trumbull and Milford, Connecticut.


The World Peace Prayer Society was invited to provide an information table under a tent, along with other vendors, and the folks from the Lupus Foundation.

Ann Marie Robustelli and Patricia McGrath from The World Peace Sanctuary were honored to participate.

True spirit and meaning of volunteerism was expressed on this day from artists who gifted their time and talent!


A $10.00 contribution per adult  (100%  of the proceeds benefit the Lupus Foundation), bought a pass to dance to great DJ music &  live band, and a show from the Stratford hip-hop group. There was face painting, bouncy house for kids and “all the homemade food you can eat!”

The authenticity and love from everyone we met was astounding.

People wholeheartedly embraced the peace message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth. “   Many expressed a strong desire to plant a Peace Pole in their neighborhood. So we’ll work together on making that happen.

May Peace Prevail in Our Communities!    May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Ann Marie Robustelli, The World Peace Prayer Society

“Keeping AlySun Shining” Peace Pole Project at Nashville Friends Meeting Nashville, Tennessee-USA

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


June 28th, 2015

Hi Ann Marie,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we planted the Memorial Peace Pole in honor of AlySun Paniche at the Nashville Friends Meeting on Sunday, June 28, 2015.  The address is 530 26th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37209.

Keeping AlySun Shining Kate Wingate 2
We had a lovely dedication ceremony, and instead of mixing the cement beforehand, everyone put a trowel-full of it into the hole after sharing a message of peace, if they chose to share.  Then we added water and mixed it right in the hole.

Keeping AlySun Shining Kate Wingate 4
As you can see from the attached photos, we had a lot of kids participate, and in their First Day School (Quaker equivalent of Sunday school) this morning, they made little tokens of peace that we buried with the Peace Pole.  Other friends buried crystals, shells, fossil, feathers, and stones in the hole.

Keeping AlySun Shining Kate Wingate 3
Other friends buried crystals, shells, fossil, feathers, and stones in the hole. We sang “Let There Be Peace On Earth” and “Dona Nobis Pacem” together as a group.

Keeping AlySun Shining Kate Wingate 1
I passed around a photograph of Aly, so those who didn’t know her could see her bright smiling face and know what a love-filled being she was and still is. This was a way for my husband Brian and me to honor and memorialize Aly, and for our Meeting, to promote peace.

Keeping AlySun Shining Kate Wingate 5
Thank you for the work you do, and May Peace Prevail On Earth, always in all ways!
Kate Wingate

2015- FORUM 31 Magazine features the Universal Message and Prayer for Peace on cover page –Celebrating the Oneness of Humanity-Munich, GERMANY

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


FORUM 31 organizes the annual Culture Festival in Fürstenfeldbruck, scheduled to take place on July 24th.   “May Peace Prevail On Earth” banners will be displayed on front stage.

Please click this link: Forum 31_Programm_Jan_2015SDruck
to view the complete magazine.

Sixth Peace Pole planted in the City of Salzburg, AUSTRIA

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

June 16th, 2015


The city of Salzburg received its Sixth Peace Pole.

This Peace Pole was erected by the European Institute for Community-based Conflict Resolution and the City of Salzburg.

It was part of a series of public dialogue interactions that began in 2011, “Looking beyond our own horizon-Living with cultural diversity in Saltzburg.”

Dagmar Berkenberg, WPPS Germany Office

The Peace Pole is located at the main train station in the picturesque town of Salzburg so that many tourists from all over the world can see it.

The new Peace Pole bears the universal peace message “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in Arabic, German, Hebrew and English.


In a cheerful and relaxed celebration, the Peace Pole was welcomed by representatives from the following sectors: Salzburg Town Hall,  Integration Office of the Town of Salzburg,  Moslem Community, Buddhist Center of Salzburg, Afro-Asian Institute and the Archdiocese of Salzburg, to include students from an elementary school and St. Joseph Vocational School for girls.


Another very prominent Peace Pole is planted in the Mirabell Palace Garden.

17th International World Peace Festival Allanton Peace Sanctuary, SCOTLAND

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

June 6th, 2015

Walk from the marquee to the opening of the woodland walk

The opening of the ‘Wildlife Woodland Walk’ was one of the highlights at the 17th World Peace Festival on June 6th, 2015.  The walk was opened by Colin Mitchell, Chairman of Solway Heritage. Colin gave his opening remarks in the marquee – and then a procession of over 100 people followed the Moniaive Samba Band from the marquee to the woodland, where Colin cut the red ribbon and declared the walk officially opened! This was a magical moment and children and adults ran into the woodland to find John Wheeler telling stories in the lovely striped tent and to see what was happening with the ‘Babes in the Wood’ activity. The walk is now open for everyone to enjoy from dawn to dusk!

Yasue Joh presenting the Fuji Declaration

This year two Projects were introduced at the Festival:

1)    The Fuji Declaration: where visitors could read the Declaration and have the opportunity to sign it.

2)    Allanton Sanctuary Peace Pole Henge:

The inspiration for the ‘Peace Pole Henge’ came from the ‘Twelve Apostles’ stone circle near the Allanton Sanctuary, which is one of the oldest stone circles in Scotland. We will create a Peace Pole Henge to link the new local culture to our ancient local cultural history. It is designed to celebrate our Global Diversity and Oneness starting from the central Peace Pole which quotes, “May Peace be in Our Homes and Communities.” The Henge is presently marked out on the grounds and it will have one Peace Pole to represent each country throughout the world – in total 202 Peace Poles! Each Peace Pole will be sponsored by either individuals or organizations that have a special connection to the country(ies) that they sponsor.

Allanton Peace Choir

The Flag Ceremony was held in the very large marquee.

Caroline welcomed everyone back from the Woodland Walk and introduced the World Peace Flag Ceremony. Once again, the Allanton Peace Choir, which consisted of about 30 people and was led by Kate Howard, sang beautiful songs for each continent.

 Fair Trade Café

After the Flag Ceremony we were entertained by a local group of musicians whilst everyone enjoyed Japanese curry made by Uma Uchima!

Aikido demonstration

The Festival has now become a recognized community event.

A local school visited us to gather data for information boards that will be put up in the woodland walk. They also wrote lovely poetry (which is displayed on poetry plinths) and made bird boxes. The café is run by the local Fair Trade groups, and many individuals and organizations came along to share their work with the visitors on the day.

Cutting the ribbon – Colin Mitchell, chairman of Solway Heritage

This year we received sponsorship from Dumfries and Galloway Council, the National Health Service, Heritage Lottery Fund, Solway Heritage Auldgirth and District Community Council and the Lions Club.

May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Submitted by:
Glenda Thornton
The World Peace Prayer Society
Allanton Sanctuary