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The World Peace Prayer Society reaches tens of thousands at Music & Arts Festival, Bridgeport, CT-USA

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

July 30th – August 2nd, 2015

Gathering of the Vibes Music and Arts Festival:

Once again this year The World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) had a huge presence at the 4-day Gathering of the Vibes Music and Arts Festival. The Vibes kindly gifted The WPPS a booth space in a prime location on the main concert field right at the entrance where every attendee walks by each time they enter or leave the concert field.

Gathering of the Vibes 2

The Gathering of the Vibes is one of the most highly recognized music festivals in the nation and is now in their twentieth year. Some of the internationally renowned performers at this year’s event were Wilco, Weezer, Ben Harper, The String Cheese Incident, Gregg Allman and the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Once again on the main stage on Sunday morning of this 4- day extravaganza was the World Peace Flag Ceremony. The Flag Ceremony has now become a tradition at the Gathering of the Vibes. This year thousands of concert goers gathered to carry flags of all the world’s countries to send their thoughts and wishes to each of these nations and shout “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

Gathering of the Vibes 1 2015

The World Peace Flag Ceremony was lead by Jim Dugan of The World Peace Sanctuary, headquarters of The World Peace Prayer Society. Peace Activist Wavy Gravy joined Jim on stage again, as he has done for many years now. Among many other accolades, Wavy was the Master of Ceremonies at the original Woodstock Festival.

On the Saturday of the Festival, Jim was interviewed on WPKN, the Connecticut Public Radio station, to talk about the work of of the WPPS, its history and all our current programs. This was broadcasted over the air waves to the hundreds of thousands of people in the listening range.

All of us at The World Peace Prayer Society greatly thank Ken Hays, the founder of the Vibes, for his unending support to share the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” with “the Vibe Tribe” through our great booth location, the Flag Ceremony held on the Main Stage and for adding the universal peace message “ May Peace Prevail On Earth” to every email sent throughout the year to over 100,000 people included in the “Vibe Tribe.”

In addition to all this wonderful exposure, Jim and his team planted numerous Peace Poles throughout the concert site as well as installing a Peace Pole on every stage at the Festival.

To learn more about The Gathering of the Vibes please check out:

For info on Wavy Gravy please see:


The World Peace Prayer Society and Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, New York-USA

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

June 21st – 22nd, 2015

Jim Dugan, of The World Peace Prayer Society  (WPPS) set up the “ World Peace” booth at the Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival, a festival created by the great American Peace Activist and musician Pete Seeger.

Clearwater 2015 1jpg

This was the fifth year The WPPS has had a presence at this festival that is considered one of the greatest festivals in the entire country. Clearwater, as the regular attendees refer to the weekend, creates an “Activist Area” for numerous local, national and international organizations from Amnesty International, the Sierra Club and the African Women’s  Education Fund.

Clearwater 2015 2

The World Peace Prayer Society is proud to be recognized with these great organizations. Over the last several years, Jim Dugan has been leading a World Peace Flag Ceremony at Clearwater and this year the festival organizers asked Jim to lead a Flag Ceremony on both days of the event. Jim greatly thanks his family for volunteering at both Clearwater and at the Vibes during the 15 hour long work days.

Clearwater 2015 3

To learn more about this wonderful festival, please see:


A twelve language Peace Pole is part of the art project on the Blomberg Mountain in Southwest of Bad Tölz , GERMANY

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

July 5, 2015

The artist Marco Paulo builds together with refugees a “Bridge of Humanity” on the Blomberg Mountain.  A twelve language Peace Pole was part of the art wall path project  entitled, “Change of Mind.”


A bridge normally spans over water or valleys.  But a bridge on a mountain?

Artist, Marco Paulo has called his project “The Bridge of Humanity” which opened on July 5th, in addition to the mountain rescue hut to be part of the art trail, entitled,  “Change of Heart.”

For thirty years, Marco Paulo has expressed issues of war and Environmental Degradation  in his paintings, sculptures, installations, performance art, land art and in his books.

February-2015, the “Peace Pole” was also exhibited at the “TölzKunst 1” on the banks of the Isar, in the St. Michael’s Church in Munich, Germany.


This three-meter-high ( nearly 10 feet tall ) wooden Peace Pole bears the universal peace message, “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in twelve languages.

Paulo is convinced that art can make a contribution to understanding and peaceful coexistence.  Paulo is a craftsman with four championship titles as a plasterer, painter, and interior decorator.

Peace Pole Certificate Ceremony at the International Institute on Peace Education-Toledo, Ohio-USA

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

July 26-August 2, 2015

The Peace Education Initiative at the Judith Herb College of Education of The University of Toledo is home to the secretariat of the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE).  The IIPE is a three-decades-old, weeklong residential experience for educators hosted in a different country every summer.  The Institute facilitates exchanges of experiences in teaching peace education and serves to grow the field.


IIPE 2015 was hosted at The University of Toledo from July 26-August 2, 2015.   IIPE 2015 explored the theme of “Education for Urban Renewal toward Social & Ecological Justice: Peace Education in an Era of Globalization.”  60 academics, formal and non-formal educators and activists representing 18 countries came to Toledo to participate in the week-long event exploring the role of peace education in addressing issues of urban decline and the interconnected dilemmas of poverty, violence, health, and environmental degradation in an era of unprecedented economic globalization.

Seventy-five, desktop mini Peace Poles handcrafted at The World Peace Sanctuary, home of The Peace Pole Project were given as part of the Peace Pole certificate ceremony which provided a beautiful closing to the experience.


Outcomes: In Factis Pax, a peer-reviewed journal of peace and social justice, will publish academic articles based on the IIPE program in the fall of 2015.  The Peace Education Initiative will follow-up on the success of the public forum to help sustain local, community-based peace education efforts.

For more information:

Peace Pole Sighting- in JAPAN, PERU and the PHILIPPINES

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015


I have been noticing the Peace Poles along my travels since 2010 when I was visiting family in the Philippines. I have seen three in different countries and it brings a smile to my face to see them.


Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan

Machu Picchu, Peru

Chocolate Hills viewpoint in Bohol, Bohol Island, Philippines

I have attached my pictures for you.

Kind regards,

Catherine Johnstone

Peace Pole by Ursline Sisters’ Motherhouse in Louisville, Kentucky, Reminds Us All To Be Peacemakers-USA

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

July 2015

Something new now sprouts amid the green space behind the Ursuline Sisters’ Motherhouse: a Peace Pole, one of tens of thousands located in 180 countries proclaiming, “May peace prevail on Earth.” These words are written in different languages on the pole that was blessed by sisters and associates on July 27 during Community Days.image001

“This little plot shows that we are in solidarity with people throughout the world,” commented Sister Janet Marie Peterworth, president of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville. “When we walk by and see the flag and the peace pole, they raise our consciousness and the call to be peace makers.”

Sister Janet Marie further explained, “The languages chosen for the pole, other than English, are Spanish, to connect us with our mission in Peru, French, to remind us that our Ursuline community is part of the Congregation of Paris, and German, to recognize our original mother foundation in Straubing Bavaria.”

The Peace Pole Project is a mission of The World Peace Prayer Society, which encourages public awareness of peace by building an international peace network among individuals and organizations in all fields, including education, science, culture and the arts to stimulate the global trend toward a culture of peace.

Peace Poles are planted or displayed to “plant” a positive thought in the minds and consciousness of the global community. Some noteworthy sites with Peace Poles include: the Pyramids of El Giza, Egypt, the Magnetic North Pole in Canada, the Allenby Bridge between Israel and Jordan, Mt. Fuji, Japan and at the United Nations in New York.

Erected and blessed in July 2015, the Peace Pole and flag stand on the campus of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, KY.

Be The Peace Global Teleconference on the International Day of Peace in ISRAEL-JAPAN-SCOTLAND-URUGUAY-USA

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

September 21, 2015

WPPS Peace Representatives from Israel, Japan, Scotland, Uruguay and USA participated in Be The Peace Global Teleconference on the International Day of Peace followed by a gathering with members of the GaiaField Network, the Shift Network and other local peace activists.


CVH (Connecticut Valley Hospital) celebrates fifth annual International Day of Peace celebration – Hartford CT – USA

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

September 18th, 2015

On Friday, September 18th, 2015, CVH, (Connecticut Valley Hospital) celebrated its’ fifth annual International Day of Peace celebration. This year marked the 31st Anniversary of the peace movement throughout the world.  The Culture of peace and non-violence is a commitment to peace-building, mediation, tolerance, acceptance, mutual respect, intercultural and interfaith dialogue and reconciliation.

CVH Pole IM, JD, Helene VartelasCropped
Left to right: Israel Martinez (CVH Director of Multicultural Affairs), Jim Dugan (WPPS), Helene Vartelas (CVH Chief Executive Officer)
Photo by Tracy Starbird

The theme for this year’s celebration was “Partnerships for Peace.” Each year the United Nations invites peoples of all nations to honor a cessation of hostilities and commemorate the International Day of Peace through education and public awareness on issues related to peace.

The celebration at CVH was held at the maximum security building and at the Yerbury Chapel, located on the grounds of the hospital. Participants were greeted by the hospital’s CEO, Helene Vartelas, Multicultural Affairs Director, Israel Martinez, and our keynote speaker, James Dugan, Manager of The World Peace Sanctuary in Wassaic, New York.  Mr. Dugan’s keynote address was well received by all participants including patients, staff and invited guests.  This celebration was marked by various scripture reading from the Qur’an, Torah and the Bible. The CVH Peace Pledge was read. Participants were also entertained by CVH’s pianist Louis Sorrentino, vocalist Amanda Halsted and a chorus who sang “ Blowin’ in The Wind” and “Get Together.”

JD speaking 2Cropped
Jim Dugan, The World Peace Sanctuary
Photo by Tracy Starbird

This annual event ended with the re-dedication of the CVH’s Peace Pole, orchestrated by Mr. James Dugan, Israel Martinez & Helene Vartelas. This year the Memorial Gardens in front of the Yerbury Chapel were also re-dedicated for the first time since 2002. The grounds of CVH were decorated this year with colorful “pinwheels for peace” made by patients and staff alike for this annual celebration.


The International Day of Peace at the United Nations-USA

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Deborah-Monica IDP 2015 ReportSeptember 21, 2015

The 2015 International Day of Peace began at the United Nations with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the President of the70th General Assembly ringing the Peace Bell while 193 students raised the flags of the Member States during the Minute of Silence.

Peace Bell
Photo by Amanda Voisard

Following the ceremony, the Secretary-General joined 800 people in Conference Room 4 to begin the student program on the 2015 theme, “Partnerships for Peace–Dignity for All.” A full webcast of the event is at


The program was full of celebrities and rich with information and inspiration. Speakers included Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon; Messengers of Peace Dr. Jane Goodall, Michael Douglas and Yo-Yo Ma; UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue Herbie Hancock; the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Mr. Ahmad Alhendawi; Youth Moderator Ms. Zuhal Sultan, the founder of the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq; and the students from UNIFIL in Beirut, Lebanon, who were present live via satellite.

SG and Peace Pole
Photo by Dave Willard

Highlights included Yo-Yo Ma playing his cello and students from South Korea demonstrating advanced Taekwondo techniques, as well as students presenting their projects for peace. The United Nations International School Chamber Ensemble sang, “Heal the World.”

Another memorable moment was when a Security guard brought in a dog in response to Dr. Jane Goodall’s desire to have the non-human community represented. Dr. Jane immediately went to greet this special guest by the Peace Pole in the chamber.

Jane w Dog and P Pole - happy
Photo by Dave Willard

The traditional 12 noon Minute of Silence was introduced by the International Day of Peace NGO Committee Co-Chairs: Deborah Moldow, World Peace Prayer Society; Monica Willard, United Religions Initiative; Michael Johnson, Pathways To Peace; Shawn Sweeney, The Jane Goodall Institute. Mrs. Ban rang the World Peace Prayer Society’s Peace Bell, made of recycled weapons of war, and the silence was closed with the room saying together, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

The program concluded with a special 70th Anniversary Flag Ceremony for World Peace developed by the UN Department of Public Information. William Yotive, Education Outreach Director, showed the progression of countries joining the United Nations over the past seven decades by asking the students holding flags of the 193 UN Member States to rise in turn showing the decade in which that country had joined the United Nations.

Students with UN Member Paper Flags
Photo by Dave Willard

An accompanying slide show demonstrated show the growth from 51 Member States in 1946 to 193 in 2015. Then everyone was asked to hold high a paper flag of the United Nations and say together, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” Mr. Yotive then asked them to repeat the message with more energy, and the call for peace rang out through the United Nations.


Report by Monica Willard and Deborah Moldow

11 Days of Global Unity: Peace – Sept 21 Global Webcast

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

September 21, 2015

The final segment of the Summer of Peace webcasts focused on the 11 Days of Global Unity, September 11-21. The programs were organized and co-hosted by Rick Ulfik, founder of the We Campaign at Deborah Moldow was asked to report on the International Day of Peace events that had taken place that very day at the United Nations.