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Twenty Peace Poles awarded, an initiative of the United Way of Broward County and the School Board of Broward County, Florida-USA

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015


We would like to let you know that for the 2014-15 school year the initiative Choose Peace/Stop Violence, a collaboration by United Way of Broward County and the School Board of Broward County, Florida, gave six WPPS Peace Poles to our local schools in recognition of their work towards a community that honors  peace, cooperation, tolerance and  positive change. To date, we have given away 20 WPPS Peace Poles in our school district since the initiative was founded in 2010. Many schools rededicated their Peace Poles during our county-wide Peace Week celebrations (Sept. 21-25)


Glades Middle School, Miramar, FL (Planted in December 2014)
Cooper City Elementary, Cooper city, FL (Planted in May in 2015)
Renaissance Charter Schools at Pines, Pembroke Pines, FL (Planting schedule TBA)
Ramble Wood Middle School, Coral Springs, FL (Planting scheduled for December 2015)

Silver Shores Elementary, Miramar, FL
McNicol Middle School, Hollywood, FL
Silver Shores Elementary and McNicol Middle School held their Peace Pole planting ceremony on Sept. 25th

Over a 150 schools from our district are participate in our Choose Peace Week celebration and engage in global activities such as CHALK4PEACE, a  sidewalk painting festival that happens at 400 sites worldwide every September in an effort to bring together communities to spread messages of inspiration and visions of peace.

Here is a list of all 20 locations that we have awarded Peace Poles throughout the years:


Charles Drew Elementary School, Pompano Beach, FL


Griffin Elementary School, Cooper City, FL
Sunrise Middle School, Sunrise, FL
Atlantic Technical Center and Technical High School, Coconut Creek, FL



Beachside Montessori Village School, Hollywood, FL
Everglades Elementary School, Weston, FL
McFatter Tech. High School, Davie, FL

McFatter HS

Everglades El


Castle Hill Elementary School, Lauderhill, FL
Dania Beach Community Project, Olson Middle School, Dania Beach Elementary, Collins Elementary, Dania Beach, FL
Deerfield Beach Elementary School, Deerfield Beach, FL
J.P. Taravella High School, Coral Springs, FL
Bair Middle School, Sunrise, FL
United Way of Broward County, FL ( Not planted yet, due to construction)
Broward County School’s Dept. of Diversity, Prevention and Intervention, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Taravella HS


Glades Middle School, Miramar, FL
Renaissance Charter Schools at Pines, Pembroke Pines– Entry by Melanie Hosein-Find (Mrs. Arboleda’s class)
Ramble Wood Middle School, Coral Springs –Sergio Prieto and Javeline Taylor (Mrs. McKinstry’s Class)
Silver Shores Elementary, Miramar, FL
McNicol Middle School, Hollywood, FL
Cooper City Elementary, Cooper City, FL

Beachside Montessori

The IMAGINE PEACE WISH TREE PROJECT which is inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 1,000,000 international “Imagine Peace Tree” project which is installed in public spaces around the world including the International Peace Palace in the Hague, Netherlands. Invited guests and passersby are invited to write a peace wish on a white tag to hang in a special tree on display. Peace wishes are collected and mailed to the Imagine Peace Tower, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Thank You.

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World Peace Flag Ceremony at The Parliament of World’s Religions, Salt Lake City, Utah- USA

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

October 17th, 2015

People slowly gathered in the foyer of the Civic Center at 7:00 on the morning of October 17th,  to participate in the World Peace Flag Ceremony which was presented during the 5 day Parliament of World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Flag cards were held high by all in attendance calling forth for “peace to prevail” in every nation on earth.


Each participant placed their flag card after the prayer creating a mandala around the Peace Poles creating a tapestry of world flags at the end of the program.


May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Yuka Saionji speaks at Women’s Initiative for Global Advancement, Parliament of the World’s Religions, Salt Lake City, Utah-USA

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

October 15-19th, 2015

Parliament of the World’s Religions is the oldest, the largest, and the most inclusive gathering of people of all faith and traditions.  It was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.


The Parliament is organized every 5 years in various parts of the world. WPPS has participated in previous Parliament of the World’s Religions events which have taken place in Barcelona, Cape Town and Melbourne.  This year the Parliament took place in Salt Lake City from October 15th through 19th.


The First Inaugural Women’s Assembly, Women’s Initiative for Global Advancement was launched at the Parliament on October 15th with special programs devoted to women, religion and spirituality.   Yuka Saionji  joined other noteworthy speakers to share religious and spiritual inspirations for women’s empowerment.  Other speakers included Dr. Vandana Shiva, Kiran Bali, Terry Tempest Williams and Geraldine Ann Patrick Encina. Interfaith prayers were offered to open the session by Karen Neilson Anson, Maysa Kurge and Kusumita Pedersen.

Video of Women’s Assembly:

Speakers and presenters at the Womens Initiative for Global Advancement with their desktop Peace Poles. From left to right: Paysa Kurge, Kusumita Pedersen, Karen Neilson Anson, Bishop Barbara King, Kiran Bali, Aisha Al-Adawiya and Yuka Saionji

Later that day, Yuka joined a panel of speakers to discuss peacemaking along with Dr. Samani Chaitanya Prajna and Nam Hee Kim. The discussion focused on the theme, Women as Global Peacemakers.

Video of Panel:


The following day, participants from various faith traditions joined the World Peace Flag Ceremony to further the anchor the universal message, May Peace Prevail On Earth.


Nine Peace Poles dedicated in Loving Memory of  Ruben Lopez, ‘Killed In Action’ in Kandahar, AFGHANISTAN

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Renee Marie from FB

This Peace Pole is at the home of Gloria Estrada in Williams, California.

This Peace Pole was placed in honor of  Mrs. Estrada’s son, Ruben “Boy” Lopez, ‘Killed In Action” on August 10, 2012, in  Kandahar, Afghanistan.

These are Ms. Estrada’s four beautiful grandchildren.

Gloria Estrada purchased and dedicated a total of nine Peace Poles, to include:  one for each of her four daughters, one placed at three local schools and one placed at the local Post Office.

May Peace Prevail with Humanity!     May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Submitted by:  Renee Marie, WPPS, Peace Representative