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Sherwood Library’s Rotary “Peace” Language Plates for the International Day of Peace, Sherwood, Oregon-USA

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017


I wanted to share a picture of the Rotary “Peace” Language  Plates installed at the Sherwood Library in Sherwood, Oregon.


I wanted to also include pictures of the Peace Flags decorated and displayed during September at the Library.


May Peace Prevail on Earth

Wendy Wells
Sherwood Rotary Service Chair
Peace Committee Member

Rotary Peace Pole at Sherwood Regional Family YMCA Sherwood, Oregon-USA

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017


Here is the Rotary Peace Pole installed 9/24/16 at Sherwood Regional Family YMCA of Columbia Willamette YMCA,23000 SW Pacific Hwy., Sherwood, Oregon 97140.


We learned  about the Peace Pole Project through the Lake Oswego Rotary Club.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Wendy Wells
Sherwood Rotary Service Chair
Peace Committee Member

Peace Pole in Neuburg Germany marks celebration of 30 year “sistership” with SÈTE, FRANCE

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

The Bavarian town NEUBURG celebrated 30 years of sistership with SÈTE in Southern France by planting a Peace Pole on September 10th, 2016, with many French guests but also Czek guests as the Czek Republic is another twin town of Neuburg.


A local carpenter made the Peace Pole (see photo with marked tree) and German local TV featured the event.


The Mayor declared in his speech that a Peace Pole has been in his mind for quite some time and that the location is perfect, because the local high school students would have to pass the Peace Pole each day on their way to school and  he hopes the message on the Peace Pole shows them that peace and freedom overcome hate.

Report submitted by:
Dagmar Berkenberg
WPPS office in Germany

Inspired by Peace Pole sighting-Round Rock, Texas-USA

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

This Peace Pole was planted January 1, 2017 and the dedication ceremony was in April.

The Peace Pole is located in Round Rock, Texas.

We found out about Peace Poles in college. There was one on campus and another in the neighborhood. We went to Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota.

For our dedication ceremony, we invited all of our neighbors on our street and our local family members. We did a short ceremony with music, poetry and prayers for peace, then all the attendees wrote “May Peace prevail on Earth,” or whatever they wanted to (some did sketches), on a small piece of paper, which we gathered in a jar and have in our living room. We also had snacks.

It was lovely, and we love having this silent reminder in front of our home to see and be grateful for every day.

Joshua Plocher and Amanda Jurkovskis-Plocher