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Allanton World Peace Sanctuary visits Troqueer Primary School – Dumfries, Scotland

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

March 27, 2017

Glenda Thronton
Allanton World Peace Sanctuary

This is the second time that I have visited Troqueer Primary School in Dumfries. During the first visit, I was with Primary 7 class for about 2 hours and explained to them about Allanton Peace Sanctuary and the work of the World Peace Prayer Society. The children started off at a distance from me, but, as I was talking to them, they moved their chairs closer and closer, it was lovely! One little boy said to me afterwards that no-one had every spoken to him like this before, and they all thanked me. They asked many questions and said that they would like me to go back again to visit them.

A few months later, I was asked to go and speak to the whole school in Assembly. As well as talking about who we are and the Peace Poles, I based my talk on the importance of our thoughts, words and actions and how they can affect the way that we feel. I talked quite a bit about different ways of behaving also and how this made us feel. They all really listened. I was being ‘hosted’ by Primary 7, who I had visited previously, and they really looked after me. After the Assembly, we had a little meeting with them and they then told me about their ideas to do some fundraising for the Allanton Peace Sanctuary – and talked about their ideas with the flags. I wasn’t sure if they would actually do this – but they did! How lovely!

This gives one real hope for the future of humanity!

Most recently we received a letter from Troqueer Primary School about a recent fundraiser they held. Please click here to read the letter from Troqueer Primary School.

For more information on Allanton World Peace Sanctuary in Dumfries, Scotland – Click here.

Peace Picket Fence—bears the words,” May Peace Prevail On Earth” in a variety of languages and in an array of colors-Bavaria-GERMANY

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Here is another creative idea to add to our collection of great ways to spread the universal peace message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth.”

I was in touch with Judith Rösner, a homeopathic physician in Bavaria. Last autumn,  she contacted me to request various language translations of the peace message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth.”

She had an idea about a project that involved using a picket fence.

I just received a photograph of the fence.   She explained that the project is ongoing, so she will be adding more language translations!

May Peace Prevail on Earth
Dagmar Berkenberg
WPPS Germany Office

First Peace Pole planted at Aikido Dojo in Patagonia, ARGENTINA

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

I live in Puerto Madryn, a small port town in Patagonia, Argentina.  My friends from Japan came to visit and we planted a Peace Pole in Aikido Dojo of Mr. Jorge Olveira, who loves and teaches Aikido in this town.

We are very happy to have planted the very first Peace Pole in our town and wishing many to come after this.

May Peace be in Argentina!
May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Honoka Abe

WPPS & URI-Africa Sign an Agreement to Promote a Culture of Peace in Africa

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017


WPPS & URI-Africa Sign an Agreement to Promote a Culture of Peace in Africa

March 28, 2017

The World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) and United Religions Initiative-Africa (URI-Africa) signed a partnership agreement to enhance the working partnership at the national, sub-regional and continental levels in Africa to promote a culture of peace.

The agreement was signed in San Francisco at the Global Support Office of the United Religions Initiative on March 28, 2017 by Ms. Fumi Johns Stewart, Executive Director of WPPS, and by Ambassador Mussie Hailu, Regional Director of URI-Africa, Representative of URI to the African Union and United Nations, and Global Envoy of URI.

The objectives of the agreement are:

• To collaborate and maintain a close working partnership to promote a culture of peace and non-violence in the spirit of the universal peace prayer “May Peace Prevail on Earth”
• To organize world peace prayer ceremonies
• To plant peace poles in the spirit of peace building
• To commemorate UN Days through public events like the International Day of Peace on September 21st
• To support the principles, goals and programs of the United Nations (UN) and its agencies and to disseminate information and educational materials about the work of the UN on peace issues
• To work together for a sustainable peace with the participation of NGOs, individuals and intergovernmental organizations involved in educating and ending domestic violence, as well as with the corporate, faith and media sectors
• To promote a culture of peace, the teaching of the Golden Rule, and inter-religious and intercultural constructive dialogue, and to build trust and peaceful coexistence in Africa
• To organize workshops, meetings, and seminars, and to develop and implement peace projects jointly.

The partnership agreement sets out clear areas of engagement and a plan of action for the two organizations to work together.

On the occasion of the signing of the agreement, Executive Director of WPPS Fumi Johns Stewart said, “What a tremendous opportunity to ignite the spark of peace, tolerance and compassion in our hearts, to work toward a common goal in building a culture of peace beginning in Africa and rippling out to other continents of the world.”

On his part, Amb. Mussie Hailu said, “As a bridge-building interfaith organization, it is such a great pleasure for URI-Africa to foster this institutional working partnership with WPPS to promote a culture of peace and non-violence.  At this opportunity, I want to recognize the extraordinary work and contribution of WPPS since its establishment in 1954 in promoting the culture of peace through the spirit of the universal peace prayer of May Peace Prevail on Earth in the world.”

World Peace Prayer Society is a non-political, non-religious, international peace organization that works to share the message of “May Peace Prevail on Earth” through the Peace Pole Project, with over 140,000 Peace Poles planted around the globe.

URI-Africa is an interfaith organization which is working to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence, and to create cultures of peace, justice, and healing for the Earth and all living beings. It has 200 member organizations in 32 African countries, with a regional office based in Nairobi, Kenya. There is a sub-regional office based in Uganda for Great Lakes Region Countries, in Nigeria for West African Countries, in South Africa for Southern African Countries, and in Djibouti for the Horn of Africa.

Both organizations have NGO Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


Peace Pals Winner & Mayor of Iasi, Romania hold Peace Pole Dedication Ceremony

Monday, March 27th, 2017

On March 24th in the city of Iasi, Romania at the National Park Theatre “Teatrul Național Vasile Alecsandri’ a beautiful Peace Pole Dedication ceremony took place.

David Alexandru (2106 – 1st place winner in his age category) contacted Mayor Mihai Chirica and generously donated his prize of a Peace Pole to the city of Iasi.  Mayor Mihai Chirica accepted the Peace Pole and together they planned a beautiful event which was shared by the community.

Mayor Mihai Chirica shared on his FB page (Romanian) “The most important messengers of peace are children. In Iasi we have to promote the idea of ​​peace in the world, without, the future of humanity would be chaotic and makes us proud of our city’s ability.”  “David honored us with his benefits and Iasi managed to bring back to the world as a city of intelligence, culture and a talented young generation.”

The event included music, dance and special awards to young people in Iasi, Romania.

All of us at The World Peace Prayer Society, The Peace Pole Project and Peace Pals International are so honored to have played a small part in this.  We are also so proud of David’s accomplishments.

For more information on Peace Pals International, please visit the website.


Sherwood Rotary Peace Pole planted at the Sherwood Methodist Church, Sherwood, Oregon-USA

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

On March 19,2017,  the Rotary Club of Sherwood  dedicated its fourth Peace Pole at Sherwood United Methodist Church at 1:00 pm. As part of their commitment to peace making this year the Sherwood United Methodist Church is highlighting various struggles faced by indigenous peoples. Following the service for the installation of the Peace Pole there will be a presentation by Rev. Aric Clark about his visit to Standing Rock with an update on the current situation of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Rev. Aric Clark shared the following. “We are honored to take part in this effort to build a visible commitment to peace in Sherwood. As Christians we believe that it is our life’s work to build a just and sustainable peace for all people, beginning with the most vulnerable and marginalized among us. That is why we have worked for years to alleviate hunger in our community. It is why we publicly proclaim welcome for refugees and immigrants, seek understanding with our neighbors of all faiths and of no-faith, and demand justice for the oppressed. May this Peace Pole be a reminder of those commitments to us and to everyone who visits this garden. May Peace Prevail On Earth.”

As part of their commitment to peace making, the Sherwood United Methodist Church is highlighting various struggles faced by indigenous people.  Rev. Clark made a presentation after the Peace Pole dedication about his visit to Standing Rock with an update on the current situation of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  On Sunday, June 4, Sherwood United Methodist Church will host a screening of the documentary “Promised Land” about the struggle of the Duwamish and Chinook peoples to be recognized as tribes by the federal government.  Following the film there will be a panel discussion by several members of the Chinook Nation.  All are welcome.

Sherwood Rotary initiated its Peace Pole project in 2016 to raise awareness in the community of the need to promote world peace and understanding.  The Peace Poles are 6 feet high and display the words “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in 4 different languages.  The languages displayed on their pole will be English, Arabic, Hebrew and Mandarin Chinese.  To date, Peace Poles have been erected at the Sherwood YMCA and St. Francis Catholic Church and School, Our Table Cooperative with commitments for 6 more at sites throughout town.

Sherwood Rotary has qualified as a Peace Builder Club and is part of Rotary District 5100 which has taken on a major initiative to establish 100 Peace Poles in Oregon and Washington in partnership with the Jubitz Family Foundation which is providing funding for the project.

Members of the community are encouraged to view the Peace Poles at the YMCA, St. Francis, Our Table, Sherwood  United Methodist Church and to participate in a series of peace-related educational events and activities being offered in Sherwood over the coming months.  For more information on Sherwood Rotary’s peace initiatives, contact Rotary President Joe Gall at

Photo and Press Release Submitted by:
Wendy Wells
Sherwood Rotary Service Chair

WPPS at the UN Commission on the Status of Women for the 3rd Annual Service of Gratitude and Remembrance in NYC-USA

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The World Peace Prayer Society ( WPPS) co-sponsored the 3rd Annual Service of Gratitude and Remembrance during the UN Commission on the Status of Women at the chapel of the Church Center for the United Nations, along with partner organizations The Parliament of the World’s Religions, Temple of Understanding, Interfaith Center of New York, International Yoga Day Committee at the UN, United Religions Initiative, and United Methodist Women. This service of prayer and reflection honors the women who have gone before, leaving their indelible mark through dedicated service to humanity.

Chaplain Dionne Boissiere created a beautiful altar that included a mini Peace Pole, and Monica Willard of the URI invited everyone to name a woman who had inspired us before her passing and inscribe the names in a book.

A highlight of the program was by flautist Brandon Perdomo, who serves as WPPS Youth Representative to the UN, performing several musical numbers with percussionist Caitlin Cawley.

At the close of the service, Monica suggested a group photo and Sande Hart, of the Compassion Games International, called out for everyone to say, “May Peace Prevail on Earth!” A woman named Rachel Bachenberg then approached Rev. Deborah Moldow, WPPS UN Representative, to tell her about the Peace Pole at her church, Keystone United Methodist Church (formerly Broadway UMC) in Kansas City, Missouri, and how much it meant to the congregation.

Deborah and Monica co-hosted a small dinner to honor some of our special colleagues who were present for the event, including Sabina Rifat, who runs the programs for women for URI Pakistan. Together with Fr. James Channan, she has planted more than 60 Peace Poles all over Pakistan!

Monica Willard, Sabina Rifat, Deborah Moldow, Martha Gallahue

Deborah placed a desktop Peace Pole on the table at dinner, causing a young waiter to come up and tell us about the Peace Pole that is at his high school on Long Island, NY. He was so excited to tell us and to meet all of us that Monica gave him a mini Peace Pole. It is sincere young people like him who will take peace forward into the future.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!





Peace Pals 2016 Winner gifts Peace Pole to the City of Iasi, Romania

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

David Alexandru who came in first place in his age group in the 2016 Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and awards chose to gift his winning Peace Pole to the City of Iasi in Romania in care of Mayor Mihai Chirica.

David and the city of Iasi are planning a beautiful event to commemorate the planting of the Peace Pole, which will be held on the 24th of March.

Congratulations David, we can’t wait to hear the news of your event.

“Walk2Peace” Ten Million Voices for Peace Around the World – SWEDEN

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

“Next Summer I’m going to walk to Syria!”  That’s how it started.

In 2015, I was standing in my dad’s garden and out of the blue this idea appeared. Strangely enough the idea felt so normal. Like it was just some little walk around the neighborhood.

Except Syria was 6000 km away and plagued by one of the worst civil wars in modern history.

I didn’t think more of the idea for many months. I told my parents who were a bit worried. My friends just smiled and said, “ of course you should walk! 

In 2016, just a few days before I was going to begin, I sat in a wonderful ceremony on a Swedish island. And the idea came back, with a twist:

“I’m not just walking to Syria. I’m going to keep walking around the Earth until we create world peace.”

I thought, “Oh… okay. That’s good to know before I start I guess…”

12 of June 2016, I began walking.   For six months, I walked 2000 km to southern Germany and met people from all over the world. New and old friends from Norway, Australia and even Syria walked with me towards peace. Peace inside ourselves and peace in our world.

When I came to Hamburg a strange thing happened. I was just going to cross a park when I saw a pole protruding from a huge bush. “Möge frieden auf Erden sein” were the words on it. I looked on the other side as my German was still very limited and found the following phrase “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

It was a Peace Pole, and it wasn’t the first I had passed. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I had been sitting next to a Peace Pole in Sweden when I visited a spiritual community just before I was going to begin walking. 

And it wasn’t the last. Close to the old border between East and West Germany, I passed a house that I felt drawn towards. On the roof were colorful Tibetan prayer flags (always a good sign). I got invited for tea to the couple living there and they were very happy to know about my peace walk and gladly showed me another Peace Pole in their garden!

Right now I’m sitting next to my dear grandmother in Sweden. In the winter I decided it was time to return to Sweden to be with her in her last phase of life and take a brief pause from the peace walk. This gave me wonderful meetings with my dear family and friends and time to contemplate and plan the next part of my walk.

In a little more than a month I will resume walking from South Germany through Central Europe. Passing Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Istanbul on my way to peace.

You are most welcome to join, support and spread the word!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

And may we do everything in our power to make it so.

I promise to do everything in my power to create peace.

Sincerely Albin

Peace Pals International in Jakarta, Indonesia

Monday, March 13th, 2017

In 2016, FAKTA (an NGO) working in Jakarta, Indonesia shared the Peace Pals International art Exhibition and Awards contest with children in various communities. Chizuyo Inoue shared her experience with The Society of the Sacred Heart at the UN, which has published her story.

“When I received an announcement that the World Peace Prayer Society, an NGO at the UN, was having another Peace Pals art competition for children, I immediately thought of the children I see every day in some of the poor neighborhoods of East Jakarta. Ever since my internship in 2013 with Sr. Joan Kirby rscj, who at that moment was the NGO Representative at the UN for the Temple of Understanding, I have looked for ways to connect our children who live in extreme poverty with the work of the UN. This invitation was a real chance…Read More

Peace Pals International is truly touched by the experiences Chizuyo has shared with us and we are pleased we are able to share with you.

We also received a video of Children of Indonesia saying “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in their native language.