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Sherwood High School Peace Pole Dedication, Sherwood, Oregon-USA

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Name of the Peace Pole Owner: Sherwood High School Leadership Class /Sherwood Rotary

Contact Person:   Reid  McBride/  Aurora Roth


Date of the Peace Pole Planting:  5/22/17

Address of the Peace Pole: 16956 SW Meinecke Rd, Sherwood, OR 97140

Did we have a Dedication ceremony?  yes

How did we learn of the Peace Pole Project? Sherwood Rotary Club

​​Submitted by:
​Wendy Wells
Sherwood Rotary Service Chair


Wooden hand carved Peace Pole –Stuttgart, GERMANY

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

This Peace Pole was planted on May 21st, 2017 –
on the outskirt of Stuttgart, Germany.


TVFR Peace Pole Dedication in Sherwood, Oregon-USA

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Name of the Peace Pole Owner: Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Station #33, Sherwood Oregon/Sherwood Rotary

Contact Person:   Stefan Myers

Date of the Peace Pole Planting: 5/20/17

Address of the Peace Pole: 15440 SW Oregon St.,  Sherwood, OR 97140

Did we have a Dedication ceremony?  Yes

How did we learn of the Peace Pole Project? Sherwood Rotary Club

​submitted by:
Wendy Wells
Sherwood Rotary Service Chair

A Symphony of Peace Prayers in Croton Falls, NY – USA

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

World Peace Flag Ceremony-SOPP 2017 Potenza, ITALY

Sunday, May 14th, 2017



alzate delle bandiere


sottosegretario al governo italiano vito de filippo


vito e teri volini


dirigente scolastico gallo giovanna


bandiera del mondo


alzate delle bandiere


gruppo finle

Symphony of Peace Prayers at the Chapel at Croton Falls, New York-USA

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

The Chapel at Croton Falls held a glorious Symphony of Peace Prayers on Sunday, May 14th, also celebrating Mothers Day. Among the many people who attended were longtime friends of the World Peace Prayer Society, including Dr. Jude Currivan, Monica & Dave Willard, Chris & Amy Farrell, Sara Niccolls, and Kristin Hoffman. A 6-page printed program included information on the Symphony of Peace Prayers in Japan and around the world, a message from Masami Saionji, prayers of different faiths to recite, an introduction to Dr. Jude Currivan, and an announcement of the World Peace Prayer Ceremony with the flags of all nations.

Rev. Deborah Moldow began the Interfaith Sunday by asking Monica Willard to distribute roses to everyone for a special acknowledgement of our mothers. Each person held a rose and called out the name of his or her mother, returning the flowers to the vase, so that all the energy of our mothers’ love would enhance our prayers for peace. She also asked everyone to experiment in taking a “WholeWorld-View,” according to Dr. Currivan’s work, where we would see the prayer not as belonging to other people, but as part of our own great diversity. In the same way, everyone was asked to view the countries represented by their flags not as foreign, but as our children.

We then shared prayers from many traditions, led by various guests with everyone joining in:

Native American – Barbara Morse-LuBell

Sufi – Chris Farrell

Hindu ­– Neela Bhattacharya Saxena

Buddhist – Dana Johnson Boulanger

Jewish – Judyth & Lorin Woolfe (with song)

Christian – Walter Zernis

Monica Leads Muslim Prayer


Dana Leads Buddhist Prayer

Special thanks to our guest speaker, Dr. Jude Currivan, who spoke movingly about her own mother, as well as about her work demonstrating how a shift to a “WholeWorld-View,” based on her new book, “The Cosmic Hologram,” can give us an empowering perspective on how to address the critical challenges of our world.

Dr. Jude Currivan

Dr. Currivan had been part of the Symphony of Peace Prayers held at Fuji Sanctuary in 2016 along with Deborah and Monica, celebrating the launch of the Soul of Women campaign. Songstress Kristin Hoffman helped launch the Fuji Declaration with her sublime voice at Mt. Fuji in 2015.

Chris Farrell

Following Dr. Currivan’s inspiring words, all took part in a World Peace Prayer Ceremony, with the flag cards forming a mandala of the world around the base of the Peace Pole. Two elders of the church sat up front with the UN flag and the Earth flag. Each person came forward with several flags, reading each name in turn as all present responded, “May peace prevail in [that country].”


During the ceremony, singer/musician Miriam ‘Sita’ Zernis and drummer Fumio Taniguchi of Sita’s Light played an original Kirtan chant based on “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

Fumio & Miriam

At the close of the ceremony, the pace of the drumming increased and everyone stood to sing along joyfully.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Peace Pals Art Exhibition ~ Leça do Balio – Portugal

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

May 4, 2017

The second International Exhibition of Drawings of Peace was inaugurated on May 4th at the headquarters of the grouping of schools of Leça do Balio (Porto/Portugal).

The participants were children and teens from more than 100 countries belonging to schools, groups members of the Living Peace International  and  organizations partners of the project.

A very important sector was been reserved for the Peace Pals International Art Exhibition. Peace Pal International and Living Peace have been working together for 4 years  for the creation of a culture of peace.

Many schools, groups, scouts and organizations from the north of Portugal that visited the exhibition were deeply impressed by the beauty and wealth of values that the Peace Pals International drawings transmit, an authentic testimony of how much the youngest generations are protagonists in the construction of a culture of peace.

Carlos D. Palma
Living Peace International 

A WholeWorld-View at the United Nations-NYC-USA

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Presenting Dr. Jude Currivan, Author of “The Cosmic Hologram”

Jude Currivan at the UN

The World Peace Prayer Society joined hands with New Innergy, The Source of Synergy Foundation and United Religions Initiative to present cosmologist and author Dr. Jude Currivan at the Church Center for the United Nations on May 9th. Partnering were UN colleagues: Global Movement for The Culture of Peace, the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values & Global Concerns-NY, the UNSRC Enlightenment Society, and We, The World.


Dr. Currivan spoke from the heart about her new book, The Cosmic Hologram, which offers a new perspective on the unified nature of reality that could transform our lives, our work and the work of the United Nations. Three responders appreciated her profound insights and offered their expertise: Dr. Kurt Johnson on science, Myra Jackson on the Sustainable Development Goals, and Amb. Anwarul K. Chowdhury on the future of the United Nations. In addition, Kristin Hoffman performed the song she wrote for the book, “Univer-Soul,” and Rachel Baird offered an original poem.

Amb Chowdhury

Kristin Hoffmann

Amb. Chowdhury spoke about the major themes of his current work to encourage a worldwide culture of peace. He cited the spiritual dimension as key to the future and mentioned the importance of the Fuji Declaration, launched in 2015 by Ervin Laszlo with Masami and Hiroo Saionji.

Deborah Moldow and Monica Willard hosted the event. They closed by leading the enthusiastic crowd in “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”


Deborah and Monica

“As our awareness expands we become ever more consciously connected and progressively resonate with the wholeness of the Cosmos.” – The Cosmic Hologram

Earth Day 2017 – Festival and Peace Pole Planting Ceremony – Staten Island, NY – USA

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Earth Day 2017 brought about global demonstrations and protests as a cry both to and from the planet in regards to political policies seen as an attack on fact-based ecological priorities. Artists danced, singers sang, and people marched – the north- shore community on Staten Island NYC held its annual St. George Day Festival. Local vendors displayed their community programs including libraries, weavers, composters, and coffee-grinders. Artists gathered to display their latest works, and dancers performed their movement dedications.

Brandon Perdomo was featured twice throughout the program. His first appearance was with the Performance & Peace Initiative, an artist-collective who dedicate their art, music, and dance to the marginalized and to the voices of the silenced. They performed their now acclaimed rice dance, a butoh-based dance which has been performed around the metropolitan area in homage to the importance of agriculture and human dependency on one-another as well as to the Earth.

Hours later, Perdomo, Youth Representative to the United Nations for the World Peace Prayer Society, as well as Staten Island Native, led his first peace pole dedication. Together alongside a moment of silence and with ceremonial smoke from a dried leaf of sage, the peace pole was dedicated to the efforts of communities to work passed their differences and to come together for collective goals of social progression. The pole was on view for the remainder of the event next to the Eric Garner memorial, and is now located in the backyard community garden of the Everything Goes Café and Book Store. Attendees of the festival and witnesses of the pole dedication included peace educator Lindy Crescitelli, David Jones of Peace Action Fund of New York State, and Councilwoman Debi Rose. 

The Dulce Magalhaes Peace Route – Inter-American Highway of Peace Poles – Corrientes, Argentina

Monday, May 1st, 2017

April 8th – 12th, 2017

When a Peace Pole was presented to Mayor César Souza, Junior of Florianópolis, Brazil, during the World Peace Forum in September of 2016, a powerful chain of events were set in motion.  In attendance were mayoral representatives from the province of Corrientes, Argentina who were all inspired by the idea of planting Peace Poles and as a result, the first seeds of the Inter-American Highway of Peace Poles were planted.

Left to Right: Dominicus Rhode, Mayor César Souza, Junior, Jules Lamore, Dulce Magalhaes & Carlos Palma

A group of individuals and organizations met soon after the World Peace Forum to discuss how to join the global Peace Pole network and bring the message of peace to their communities.  The collaborators behind the vision of the Highway of Peace Poles included Dominicus Rhodes, Director of the World Peace Forum along with Egido Machrey of Instituto Dulce Magalhaes of Brazil and Martha Repetto of Corrientes Province.  Together they created a vision to create the Camino Interamericano de Paz by connecting Florianópolis all the way to New York with a Highway of Peace Poles.  The Camino would also honor Dulce Magalhaes, who was a great inspiration behind the Camino and who passed away shortly after the World Peace Forum.

After months of planning, the mayoral representatives from the 6 towns in Corrientes Province who witnessed the peace pole ceremony in Florianópolis ignited the interest of their mayors who all agreed to plant Peace Poles to kick off the “highway” in Argentina.   Fumi Johns Stewart and Jules Lamore from WPPS were invited to celebrate the dedications of the first Peace Poles to mark the inauguration of the Camino Interamericano de Paz – Highway of Peace Poles.

At each Peace Pole dedication, the Mayors and officials of each of the 6 towns along with the community welcomed Fumi and Jules along with Dominicus, Egidio and Martha who collaborated in creating the initial vision for the Camino.  During the dedication ceremonies Mayors, WPPS and collaborators spoke about the significance of the Highway of Peace Poles and shared our visions for a peaceful world.

On April 8th, the first Peace Pole in Corrientes was planted in Esquina by the River Parana some 380 miles from Buenos Aires.  Mayor Humberto Bianchi of Esquina welcomed officials and citizens who gathered to celebrate the planting of the first Peace Pole in the Province.

Esquina, Corrientes, Argentina

Later that afternoon, Mayor Gerardo Bassi of Goya kindly welcomed the peace group to his office for a warm welcome before gathering outside at the unveiling of the Peace Pole in the heart of town.  Despite the wind and rain, the well-wishers exchanged words of gratitude and made a commitment to keep the spirit of peace ignited within their community.

Goya, Corrientes, Argentina

The last Peace Pole of the day was dedicated at the town park in Carolina.  The ceremony started with the town Reverend blessing the Peace Pole followed by words of welcome by Mayor Marcelo Nocetti.  After a Poem was recited by a local student, a ribbon was cut to officially unveil the Peace Pole.

Carolina, Corrientes, Argentina

The following morning on April 9th, Mayor Maria Gladys Cueva of Lavalle invited us to city hall where an official gathering took place with the local community.  We all spoke about the importance of the Camino and shared in the spirit of goodwill and peace.  After dedicating the Peace Pole outdoors, we gathered for lunch where local youth performed traditional dancing and music.

Lavalle, Corrientes, Argentina

In the afternoon, we met with Mayor Jose Carlos Sananez of Santa Lucia who welcomed us to his office with a cup of warm yerba matte tea.  We then met the community in the city hall where congratulatory speeches were shared, followed by a performance by local dancers and a reading of a peace poem by a local school girl.  The Peace Pole was dedicated soon after along a newly constructed road which was named Camino de Paz.

Santa Lucia, Corrientes, Argentina

On April 10th, the community of Bella Vista gathered in the evening to greet the peace group at the city assembly hall.  Mayor Walter Chavez of Bella Vista gave a moving speech followed by other remarks in celebration of the Highway of Peace Poles.  The next morning on April 11th, we all gathered again to dedicate the Peace Pole in a prominent location by the River Parana.

Bella Vista, Corrientes, Argentina

On April 12th, the last stop of the Peace Pole journey took place in Buenos Aires at the Honorable Congreso de la Nación Argentina (Honorable Congress of the Argentinian Nation) where we met with Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann who congratulated us on the inauguration of the Inter-American Highway of Peace Poles.  At a future date, she will be instrumental in dedicating the 7th Peace Pole to include the city of Buenos Aires as a stop along the Highway of Peace Poles.

Left to Right; Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann, Jules Lamore, Fumi Johns Stewart & Tomas Villar De Rhode

Starting with the first Peace Pole in Florianópolis, Brazil followed by the dedications in Corrientes Province, the Highway of Peace Poles inspired the hearts of many people and will continue to do so all the way to New York.

It is a long-term project with a big vision but the momentum has started and the vision is clear.