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Vancouver Sunrise Rotary members contribute to Peace Pole Project-Vancouver, Washington-USA

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Our Rotary has developed and maintained the rose garden at Orchards Park to honor Clark County citizens who have done great things for the county for 30 years.

Vancouver Sunrise Rotary Member Bob Ives holds the Peace Pole that he and fellow club members installed at Orchards Park Saturday. The Peace Pole displays the prayer “May Peace Prevail on Earth’’ in four languages. Photo by Mike Schultz

We wanted to put the Peace Pole there mainly to get the club recognized as a peace club. We wanted to put up the Peace Pole and do a few other things as a club to promote peace in the area.

Rotarians have long been involved in the promotion of peace.

Rotarians were even involved with setting up the United Nations after World War II.  It’s something Rotarians have felt very strong about.

John Schaffers was joined at Saturday’s installation and dedication of the Peace Pole by fellow Vancouver Sunrise Rotarians David Weedman, Bob Ives and Erich Orth.

Submitted by John Schaffers

Listed below is a link that will give you a video, several pictures and a story about the peace pole.

Peace Pole Story-Michigan City, Indiana, USA

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

I’m the coordinator of the “Rotary Garden” that is located in the Friendship Botanic Gardens ( in Michigan City, Indiana.

The Rotary Club of Michigan City recently bought a Peace Pole from you to replace the one that burned in a fire.

I am writing to provide you with the information you requested in the Peace Pole Registration Form. The information follows.

Name of the Peace Pole Owner: Rotary Club of Michigan City
Contact person: President of the Rotary Club
(changes every year or so…you may contact the club through out Website:
Email: through the website (see above)
Date of Peace Pole planting: Thursday 7/27/17

Where did you plant your Peace Pole: Friendship Botanic Gardens – Rotary Garden – 2055 East US Highway 12, Michigan City, IN

We plan to have a dedication ceremony this Fall.

We learned about the Peace Pole Project years ago (back when they were made with wood and plexiglass covered the peace languages…not sure when the club purchased its first Peace Pole. I’m guessing that was in 1998 or so.

We use the Peace Pole to honor and recognize the Youth Exchange students we have had from a variety of countries.

Pictures of current Peace Pole are attached.
Names of “planters”: Jim Scott, Suzy Vance, Jon Bausback, John Wendel.

With gratitude for all you do to spread peace in the world,

Peace Pals Art Exhibition in Funabashi, Chiba – Japan

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

I have organized an peace art exhibition “Love and Peace Vibe” at Funabashi Civic Gallery from July 21st to 23rd.  I have exhibited the 19th Peace Pals Art exhibition among Peace Pole, Peace Doll, origami crane, post card and accessory.

The visitors were moved and excited by the Peace Pals art and said such as  “Very colorful”, “Pure hearted”, “great idea”, “adults are never able to paint like this” and etc..
They took the peace dolls for souvenirs happily.
Youko Okita

Celebration of the 82nd Birthday of the Dalai Lama-NYC-USA

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

On July 6th, 2017, a Birthday Celebration was held in NYC in honor His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

The theme was “World Peace through Compassion.”

The event was organized by the The Tibet Fund in New York City.

“Never Give Up”

No matter what is going on
never give up
develop the Heart
too much energy in your country
is spent  developing the mind
instead of the Heart
Be Compassionate
not just to your friends
but to Everyone
Be Compassionate
Work for Peace
in your Heart and in the World
Work for Peace
and I say again
never give up
no matter what is going on around you
never give up
BY His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama”

Staff of The World Peace Prayer Society as invited guests were asked to close the evening’s Program by presenting the World Peace Flag Ceremony.

At the podium, Ann Marie Robustelli & Jim Dugan, WPPS Staff

Together with united hearts and minds, participants were invited to invoke prayers for peace for people in all countries throughout the world.



Peace Pole Planted by Deacon, Colts Neck, NJ-USA

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

A Peace Pole was planted in Colts Neck, NJ where I serve as deacon.
As far as the dedication, I used a simple blessing from the Book of Blessings….

Vinnie Rinaldi

The Sacred Heart of Herbalism Level 2 Training at The World Peace Sanctuary, Wassaic, NY-USA

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

July 1st, 2017, was the last day of The Sacred Heart of Herbalism Level 2 Training.

Karine Gordineer of Green Girl Herbs & Healing taught an 8-month long series working with herbalism in the way it was originally taught; infused with the Spirits of the Plants.  Native Peoples believe that to truly possess the healing powers of a plant one must be introduced to the Spirit of that Plant and be honored with its healing gifts.

This 8 month training series included:

  • learning the healing properties of over 100 medicinal plants
  • working with plants for their healing properties
  • herbal remedy making, expert techniques and formulation
  • local plant identification
  • basic botany terminology
  • building your materia medica
  • making an herbarium
  • learning aboutplant energetics
  • herbal gardening and design
  • the sacred plants of power and how to work with them
  • introduction to the Native American Medicine Wheel
  • the shamanic journey and Sacred Dreaming
  • creating a medicine bundle
  • discovering personal plant allies
  • sustainable herbalism
  •  materials to make a year’s worth of remedies
  •  a one-year membership to United Plant Savers*
  • discounts on herbs and healing sessions

At the end of the 8 month series, students had acquired a solid foundation to work with herbs medicinally and are able to make their own herbal remedies in the form of infusions, decoctions, tea blends, oils, salves, flower essences, tinctures, and syrups.


May Peace Prevail On Earth for All Life on Earth!