April is Poetry Month ~ “The Wave, the Rope, the Sword and The Golden Key of Mankind”

“The Wave, the Rope, the Sword and The Golden Key of Mankind” The Time Series Poems

By ReAwakennd Poet Andrew Kaen

Crashing the shore against
The multitude of love bathing
Our craving soul-quenching thirst,
By the exhaustive waves,
Of incredible dimensions,
Rainbows everywhere,
Swarm into the magnitude,
Of our Divine Being,
Asking for us to plea,
On our knees for our breath,
Holds lock and key,
And our forgiveness,
Answers our mercy,
For cries, for joy, for love,
All rest aside,
Upon the waves of our soul,
Flavors of all taste,
Flavors in all form,
Favors that we have bestowed,
Upon our very core,
Are now restored;
Here lies victory,
For the saints are marching in,
And the ships are pulling in,
And the rope that ties the golden sounds
To our gravity,
Hook, line and sinker,
No longer do we have to sink down
To the shores of man,
We will have found the hook,
When we realize the following lines:
That all along we have forgotten,
That we have forgotten the way,
How almighty the sword is, that rises
Above sea level,
This almighty multi-jeweled sword, in size and grip
Symbolizes not just the violence we have chosen,
For so many many years,
The wounds that have been made leaving us scarred,
Yet symbolizes the truth that shall set us free,
Now and only now can we truly see the way,
Why it is so,
That we have taken so long?
Why is not the word,
The word is time,
The time is now,
And now is time,
For us to breathe new harmony into our lungs,
(We have fallen and we can get up)
And pray for forgiveness,
(For all that we have done as the Human Race)
(And forgive thy neighbor where Thy Kingdom Shall Come)
Pray for renewal (for the New Dawn is Rising)
And Pray for World Peace,
May Peace Prevail on Earth.
Copyright @ 1999 Andrew Kaen

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