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Peace Pole and Flag Ceremony at the Fourth Global Forum

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

June 14 – 16 2017

Conscious business leaders from 32 countries traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to attend the Fourth Global Forum hosted by the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit.  The three day Forum was held June 14th through 16th on the campus of Case Western Reserve University.   The World Peace Prayer Society and sister organization the Goi Peace Foundation were invited to present a Peace Pole and World Peace Flag Ceremony during the Grand Reception which was held on the last evening of the Forum.

The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead School of Management – Case Western Reserve University exists to advance the research, education and practice of flourishing enterprise. Since it’s founding in 2002, The Fowler Center has become the leading edge research and educational institution with the philosophy of “do well and do good” teaching students to become agents of world benefit making a positive impact on society and the natural world. The Center is also an industry leader in the practice of “appreciative inquiry”.

The two and a half day Forum with the theme, Discovering Flourishing Enterprise, started with inspirational speeches by business leaders and educators including billionaire Jeff Hoffman, co-founder of, Dr. Peter Senge, senior lecturer at M.I.T., and Dr. Barbara Frederickson known for her theory of positive emotions. 

Throughout the afternoon, the Forum invited participants to breakaway into 7 working groups each led by business partners and their areas of focus.  The overarching task of the Forum was to explore the best of what has been, already is, and could be, full-spectrum flourishing enterprises on the individual, organizational and systemic levels.

The Fourth Global Forum this year inaugurated the first Flourish Prizes, recognizing and awarding 17 innovations from around the world that align with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

On the final evening of the Forum, the Grand Reception took place  at the open atrium of the Cleveland Art Museum.  Chris Laszlo, faculty research director of the Fowler Center opened the evening by praising the success of the Forum. He then introduced  WPPS, the Goi Peace Foundation and the Fuji Declaration and invited us to lead the Peace Pole Ceremony.   The Peace Pole was then unveiled by Chris Laszlo, Chuck Fowler and Fumi Johns Stewart of WPPS.

Following the Peace Pole dedication, everyone gathered in a circle around the Peace Pole to prepare for the World Peace Flag Ceremony.  A lot of excitement was in the air as attendees picked up flags to carry and send peace to every region of the world.  Each of the business leaders representing 32 countries of the world stepped up enthusiastically to hold the flags of their respective countries.

With one voice and one heart, the symphony of prayers for peace rang out through the Art Museum as participants sent their prayers for peace to prevail in each country of the world.  To close the ceremony, the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, was spoken in all the languages represented at the Forum.

The grand reception ended on a very high note with participants joyfully connecting around the Peace Pole with their flags. Everyone communed as one global family in the spirit of the flourishing enterprise movement committed to becoming agents of world benefit.

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Founder Goi Centennial Celebration -Fuji Sanctuary, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, JAPAN

Friday, December 30th, 2016

Masahisa Goi, author of the universal message, May Peace Prevail On Earth, was born in 1916 in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, Japan.

He grew to love philosophy and the arts and in his mid thirties birthed a great peace movement which a hundred years later still inspire the hearts of humanity.

Centennial sunrise at Fuji Sanctuary

Centennial sunrise at Fuji Sanctuary

To mark the centennial of founder Goi’s birth, a celebration took place at Fuji Sanctuary on November 6th, 2016.   Thousands of people from throughout Japan and abroad traveled to the Fuji Sanctuary to honor the marking of this memorable occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. Saionji, President and Chairperson of WPPS highlighted the program with stories and memories of Founder Goi followed by singing and  a World Peace Flag Ceremony led by children.

World Peace Flag Ceremony

World Peace Flag Ceremony

The festivities continued all afternoon with food and craft booths which was enjoyed by all the attendees.  WPPS hosted a booth to highlight our activities through the years.

WPPS Booth

WPPS Booth

Let us hold the vision of true peace to be anchored and prevail on earth in the next 100 years for this and future generations!

May Peace Prevail On Earth!

International Day of Peace in DENMARK

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016


A group of organizations including The World Peace Prayer Society and the Goi Peace Foundation, supported an event in Denmark titled “Pathways to Peace and Justice.” It was held north of Copenhagen at the Gribskov Community Center in Gribskov, Denmark.


Bente Milton, an award winning film maker and Director of Club of Budapest in Scandinavia and head of Transition World (, organized the two day gathering on September 21st and 22nd.  The gathering was the first of 17 events being planned over the next 4 years that highlights and educates the principles of the “Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.”  The event in Denmark was the very first gathering to begin discussing the SDG#16: Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.  The key theme brought forth the question : How can we work together to make it happen?

The two day event started with welcome remarks by Bente followed by an introduction of the 17Sustainable Development Goals by Alan AtKisson ( with several “Meshworking” dialogue groups throughout the program to discuss how to envision breakthroughs in various walks of life and society.

Peace Pole presented to Mayor Kim Valentin of Gilleleje

Peace Pole presented to Mayor Kim Valentin of Gilleleje

On September 21st, which marks  the International Day of Peace celebrated the world over, a Peace Pole was presented to Mayor Kim Valentin of Gilleleje followed by a powerful and high energy World Peace Flag Ceremony involving youth from MIndJuice, a school of hope, insight, great knowledge and extraordinary visions.


The Peace Pole was activated by all attendants and was planted the following day at the Gilleleje coast.  The location is known as a refuge point for Jews during World World II who were transiting to Sweden for safety.

It was also a spot where Danish philosopher,  Soren Kierkegaard, theologian, poet, social critic and religious author took meditative walks. In late 19th century, he wrote the following tribute poem about the area ——Gilbjerget will forever be one of my favorite locations… here I have seen, so to speak, the world’s emergence.  

It is a truly befitting location for a Peace Pole.

May Peace be in Denmark
May Peace Prevail On Earth


Peace Pole Planted in Community Park in Lalitpur, Kathmandu –NEPAL

Monday, April 25th, 2016

March 26-April 8, 2016

I, Mitsuru Ooba, visited Nepal, March 26-April 8, 2016 with Japanese Esperantists to attend a Nepali Esperanto Congress in Kathmandu.

When Mr. & Mrs. Thapa found out I would be visiting Nepal, they asked me to bring a Peace Pole for Mr. Smeet Lama and a second, identical, Peace Pole as well. So, with the help of Professor Emeritus Dr. Isao Minowa, Mr. Parbat Thapa & Mrs. Deepa Thapa, and their friend Mr. Smeet Lama, I prepared two large Peace Poles as gifts.

Mr. Smeet Lama, Mr. & Mrs. Thapa and Mr. Mitsuru Ooba

Mr. Smeet Lama, Mr. & Mrs. Thapa and Mr. Mitsuru Ooba

On our second day in Kathmandu, Mr. & Mrs. Thapa and Mr. Smeet Lama came to our hotel to receive the Peace Poles.

Peace Pole traveling by scooter

Peace Pole traveling by scooter

It was my first meeting with Mr. Smeet Lama. But I had heard that he wanted very eagerly to have it, because he had seen a Peace Pole with the universal message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” standing in the garden of Mr. & Mrs. Thapas’ house and he wanted to plant one in his own community.

Mr. & Mrs. Thapa are good friends of Mr. Tomoyoshi Kurata, a Japanese teacher & Mrs. Masae Hatakeyama (a supporting member of Goi Peace Foundation).  And Mrs. Deepa Thapa has participated SOPP on May in Fuji Sanctuary for a few times.

I also prepared two small Peace Poles (40 cm height) in Japanese, English, and Nepali (on two sides) for the Nepal Esperanto Association and for Mr. & Mrs. Thapa.

Mr. & Mrs. Thapas and the small Peace Pole made for them

Mr. & Mrs. Thapas and the small Peace Pole made for them

The Chairperson of the Nepal Esperanto Association receiving a small Peace Pole on behalf of the organization

The Chairperson of the Nepal Esperanto Association receiving a small Peace Pole on behalf of the organization

So, I gifted one to the Chairperson of the association along with 100 origami peace dolls with stickers that read Paco disvastiĝu sur la tero, which is Esperanto translation for May Peace Prevail on Earth. The peace dolls were prepared by Ms.Chikage Nakanami of the Goi Peace foundation.

About a week after my return to Japan, I received an e-mail with beautiful photographs of the Peace Pole planting ceremony of Mr. Smeet Lama that occurred on March 12, 2016.

20160312_Smeet lama (6) - s

20160312_20160312_Smeet lama (4) - s

Message from Smeet Lama
“Hello, my name is Smeet Lama. About the Peace Pole…we planted it in our small community park here in Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal. I somehow got a chance to meet Mr. Mitsuru Ooba who is supporting member of this GOI PEACE FOUNDATION. He gave me this Peace Pole …which I planted in our park. With almost 300 people we made this programme a big success. I had read about this peace movement … and I’m much happy to be a small part of it.”

I was very pleased that he organized such a big ceremony with 300 guests of his society and I was so impressed with the numerous stones with beautiful words on them under the Peace Pole. Seeing these photographs, there was no doubt that he strongly embraced the peace activity of the Peace Pole planting.

20160312_20160312_Smeet lama (2) -s

20160312_20160312_Smeet lama (5) - s

I enjoyed Nepal tour with 15 of Esperantists by mini-bus and drew many quick portraits with peace messages and gifted them to people I met along the way. I visited places of earthquake damage such as a Hindu temple and a private house in the city, and a beautiful place of Himalaya ranges.

DSCF2556 -s

May Peace Prevail On Earth!
Mitsuru Ooba




The Fuji Declaration at the United Nations in honor of World Interfaith Harmony Week-USA

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

February 3, 2016

SDG crop

Mrs. Saionji joined other distinguished government and U.N. speakers, religious, and heads of international organizations to discuss the importance of interfaith solidarity in ensuring the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The event was organized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations in partnership with the Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations.

The heart of her speech was the introduction of the Fuji Declaration, launched in May 2015. She encouraged people in all fields to be part of the Fuji Declaration, to bring forth the divine spark that links all people in unity while encouraging our diversity to shine through.


As one of the organizers of the event, The High Representative of the Alliance of Civilizations, H.E. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, invited Mrs. Saionji to join other distinguished speakers to offer innovative approaches to developing a spirit of partnerships among religious communities and the United Nations.

Al Nasser Speaks

The first of two panels addressed interfaith harmony as key to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. Remarks were offered by representatives from the Permanent Mission of Jordan, the Observer Mission of the Holy See, UNESCO, American Jewish World Service, and the Ifa Heritage Institute in Nigeria. These speakers offered diverse cultural perspectives, setting the stage for Mrs. Saionji, introduced as the Chairperson of three organizations: The World Peace Prayer Society, Byakko Shinko Kai and The Goi Peace Foundation.

Panel 1

To open her remarks, Mrs. Saionji called the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development “a roadmap to a new civilization.” The slides accompanying her presentation showed activities at Fuji Sanctuary in Japan and the planting of Peace Poles around the world. She spoke about the annual Symphony of Peace Prayers organized at Fuji Sanctuary since 2005 which hosted the launch program for the Fuji Declaration in 2015.


The highlight of her talk focused on the Fuji Declaration encouraging people in all fields to recognize and awaken to the ‘divine spark’ which exists within the human heart for a more sustainable world community. She asked, “What would relationships between religions or governments look like if we all understood that every individual has this divine spark? Could this understanding open the door to a new era of unity in diversity that empowers the work of the United Nations?”

L-R: Deborah Moldow- UN Rep for WPPS, Masami Saionji-Chairperson of WPPS, Victor Kazanjian-Executive Director of URI, Maki Saionji Kawamura-WPPS, Fumi Johns-Stewart-Executive Director of WPPS

May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Mr. Hiroo Saionji was Awarded by the Ministry of Education Sports Science and Technology

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

December 14th, 2010

Mr. Hiroo Saionji, President of The World Peace Prayer Society was awarded “Social Education Distinguished Service Award” from the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology as Representive the Goi Peace Foundation.

Mr. Saionji was given the award for outstanding services and distinguished activities of past 10 years at the Goi Peace Foundation, with special recognition for the services on Youth and Children Education in the social area.

The Goi Peace Foundation and Mr. Saionji services were highly counted by the ministry.

He was chosen from the top of 117 awardees, and was appointed to receive the medal and certificate representing the 117 awardees.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

2010 International Essay Contest for Young People around the World, Japan

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Dear Friends of Peace,

Young people from around the world are again invited this year to enter the 2010 International Essay Contest for Young People organized by the Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO.

The theme of the 2010 International Essay Contest for Young People is: 

“MY ROLE IN CREATING A PEACEFUL WORLD.” What is your vision of a peaceful and harmonious world? What can you and the young people of the world do to realize that vision?

The deadline for entry is June 30, 2010.

First prize winners will receive a cash award and a trip to Japan. Please see the complete guidelines on

The 2010 International Essay Contest announcement is also prominently highlighted on UNESCO website at

You can also find the official 2010 Essay Contest flyer on the link below:

To read winning essays from last year’s contest, please kindly visit the websites at and

We request you to kindly disseminate the 2010 International Essay Contest to youth organizations and associations within your network and display it on your website(s) and publish it in your information materials.

Thank you so much for your kind cooperation and generous support!

Good luck to all youth leaders around the world!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

The Goi Peace Foundation

2010 International Essay Contest for Young People

Friday, February 5th, 2010

February 5, 2010

Young people from around the world are invited to participate in the 2010 International Essay Contest organized by UNESCO and the Goi Peace Foundation.
The theme for this year’s contest is “My Role in Creating a Peaceful World.” The
deadline for entry is June 30, 2010. First prize winners will receive a cash award and a trip to Japan!
The guidelines can be found on the Goi Peace Foundation website:
To read winning essays from last year’s contest, please go to:
Share the information about the essay contest to young people in your network.
May Peace Prevail on Earth!
The Goi Peace Foundation

Dr. Bruce Lipton receives the 2009 Goi Peace Award-Tokyo, Japan

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

November 8th, 2009

Mr. Hiroo Saionji, President of The World Peace Prayer Society and President of the Goi Peace Foundation and Mrs. Masami Saionji, Chairperson of The World Peace Prayer Society awarded Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. in recognition of his pioneering work in the field of New Biology. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton accepts award from Mrs. Masami Saionji

Dr. Bruce Lipton accepts award from Mrs. Masami Saionji



The annual Goi Peace Award honors individuals and organization in various fields that have made outstanding contributions toward the realization of a peaceful and harmonious world for all life on earth.  Dr. Lipton received the award at a ceremony during the Goi Peace Foundation Forum 2009, which was held at Ginza Blossom Hall in Tokyo on November 8th, 2009.


Peace Pole in Surfer’s Paradise –Australia

Friday, February 27th, 2009

February 17, 2009

Mr. Yashio Mochizuki of The Goi Peace Foundation in Tokyo, Japan and wife Junko were invited to plant a 4-sided Peace Pole at the prominent Water Mark Hotel Spa & Resort in Surfer’s Paradise on Gold Coast, Australia.

The Peace Message is displayed in English (on two sides), Aboriginal and fourth plate reads:

May Peace Prevail be in Australia

Left to Right:General Managers: Mr. Donald J. Cox & Ms. Kristy Marland, Junko and Yashio Mochizuki

Left to Right:General Managers: Mr. Donald J. Cox & Ms. Kristy Marland, Junko and Yashio Mochizuki

May Peace Prevail in our oceans and waters!

May Peace Prevail in our oceans and waters!

May Peace Prevail in the Animal Kingdom and Nature!

May Peace Prevail in the Animal Kingdom and Nature!