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How 2,500 Peace Poles Equals 25,000 Trees – World Peace Sanctuary – New York – USA

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

The Peace Pole Project, whose home is at The World Peace Sanctuary in Wassaic, New York, USA, has hit a wonderful milestone. Several years ago we launched “The Classic White Peace Pole” based on the many Peace Poles that were made in Japan and planted around the world since the 1970’s.  Prior to starting the Classic White Pole, we were making Peace Poles from cedar but wanted to create a way for more people to afford their own Peace Pole and that’s when the Classic White Peace Pole was born.

This summer we crafted the 2,500th Classic White Peace Pole. That isn’t the entire story. When we started with this style of Peace Pole,  we created a partnership with Trees for the Future, an organization who’s mission is to plant trees around the world in areas of deforestation and places where developing communities could be positively affected by the planting of trees. These tree plantings are done not only for the shear environmental impact, for food, fiber and timber products, but also the physical and mental health benefits to humans and our fellow creatures when we are surrounded by trees.  Our partnership with Trees for the Future has 10 trees planted on the African Continent for every single Classic White Peace Pole we craft. So this wonderful milestone of crafting so many Peace Poles is now responsible for the planting of twenty five thousand trees – and that’s a lot of trees.

In the photograph you will notice the logo of Rotary International on the top of this Peace Pole being held by Peace Pole maker Jim Dugan. The Peace Pole Project has long worked with Rotary and, more recently, the Jubitz Family Foundation who work with many Rotary chapters to plant Peace Poles across the northwestern United States. The Peace Pole Project deeply thanks our partners and everyone who has helped us get to this milestone by planting a Classic White Peace Pole and we look forward to crafting one for you.

To learn how to get your own Classic White Peace Pole (just $100 plus shipping):

The amazing Trees for the Future organization can be found at:

Information on the diversified work of the Jubitz Family Foundation can be found at:

For details on Rotary International and how you can help their missions see:

Silverton Rotary Peace Pole Dedication, Silverton, Oregon-USA

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

On September 19, 2017, the newly installed Silverton Peace Pole was dedicated at Silverton’s Town Square Park in Silverton, Oregon by members of the Silverton Rotary Club.

The Peace Pole was planted at Silverton Town Square Park located in the heart of Silverton on the corner of West Main and Fiske Streets. The park is a small 1/4-acre park and is also home to the City’s Holiday Tree, which is the center for winter gatherings.  Silverton Rotary Club held a dedication ceremony and had 50 attendees including our local group of “People for Peace”.

As president of the Silverton Rotary Club, I learned about the Peace Pole Project while attending President Elect Training in February of 2017.

I am enclosing a photo of our club with the Peace Pole the day of our dedication September 19, 2017.

Cindy Jones, President
Silverton Rotary Club

Al’s Garden Center- Sherwood/Rotary Club of Sherwood, Oregon-USA

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Here is the registration information for the Al’s Garden Center Peace Pole and a couple pictures taken the day of the event. We placed some Rotary Peace Pebbles at the Peace Pole.

​Date of the Peace Pole Planting: 9/19/17
Address of the Peace Pole: 16920 SW Roy Rogers Rd, Sherwood, OR 97140
Did we have a Dedication ceremony?  yes
How did we learn of the Peace Pole Project? Sherwood Rotary Club

Attached are pictures of the Peace Pole and dedication.

Wendy Wells

Rotarians Plant Peace Pole in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – 2017

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

San Miguel de Allende is often referred to as the Heart of Mexico.  It is an old colonial town with a 600 year old history.  As a UNESCO World Heritage City, San Miguel de Allende is proud of it’s history, cobblestone lanes and traditional architecture.

On a bright summer day in San Miguel a historic Peace Pole dedication took place on August 2nd in the local Park Juarez.

Tom Snider, Peace Coordinator of the English speaking Rotary Club of San Miguel de Allende Midday spearheaded the project and formed a partnership with the Spanish speaking Rotario San Miguel bringing the two cultures together in this remarkable endeavor.  The event was in the planning for the past two years with fund raising activities and negotiations with the city of San Miguel to obtain all the permits necessary to install the Peace Pole in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 3 meters tall peace pole was crafted out of cantera stone in keeping with the strict regulations of the Heritage Site.  The peace message was carved on the stone in English, Spanish and the native languages of Otomi and Nahuatl and adorned by braille and Mexican sign language at the base.  The Rotary logo was also carved at the base to honor the efforts of all the Rotarians that contributed toward this project.

The dedication event was started with words of prayer and blessings offered by the native Otomi and Nahuatl elders followed by a number of speeches by Soledad Sanchez, Rotary District Representative, President Fred Collins of the English speaking Rotary Midday, President Alberto Carbajo of the Spanish speaking Rotary Club of San Miguel and other community leaders who were came to celebrate the occasion.

After the unveiling of the Peace Pole, a World Peace Flag Ceremony was presented by Fumi Johns Stewart, Director of WPPS and Patricia Ann Talley, Peace Representative of WPPS in Zihuatanejo, Mexico who came to attend the event.  Youths carried the flags of the world while all in attendance gathered around the Peace Pole to send their wishes for peace to prevail in every country on earth with great enthusiasm.

After the Flag Ceremony, youth and adults alike joined as one heart and one mind in a Peace Walk which led from the park to the Jardin center of town.  The walk was led by a Nahuatl elder, youth and other enthusiastic community members who carried the flags of the world while repeating the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth and in many countries around the world.  The walk ended at the world renown La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel, which is the current parish church of the City. 

Closing speeches were presented at the front steps of the church to conclude this memorable event by Rotarians, members of Pax Cultura and representatives of the Catholic, Muslim and Jewish Faiths.

With the planting of this magnificent Rotary Peace Pole in San Miguel, a huge seed was planted in the Heart of Mexico.  There are now plans to encourage other Rotary Clubs throughout Mexico to join the Peace Pole network.  Thank you Rotarians for your dedication to Peace through Service!

May peace be in Mexico
May Peace Prevail On Earth

Vancouver Sunrise Rotary members contribute to Peace Pole Project-Vancouver, Washington-USA

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Our Rotary has developed and maintained the rose garden at Orchards Park to honor Clark County citizens who have done great things for the county for 30 years.

Vancouver Sunrise Rotary Member Bob Ives holds the Peace Pole that he and fellow club members installed at Orchards Park Saturday. The Peace Pole displays the prayer “May Peace Prevail on Earth’’ in four languages. Photo by Mike Schultz

We wanted to put the Peace Pole there mainly to get the club recognized as a peace club. We wanted to put up the Peace Pole and do a few other things as a club to promote peace in the area.

Rotarians have long been involved in the promotion of peace.

Rotarians were even involved with setting up the United Nations after World War II.  It’s something Rotarians have felt very strong about.

John Schaffers was joined at Saturday’s installation and dedication of the Peace Pole by fellow Vancouver Sunrise Rotarians David Weedman, Bob Ives and Erich Orth.

Submitted by John Schaffers

Listed below is a link that will give you a video, several pictures and a story about the peace pole.

Peace Pole Story-Michigan City, Indiana, USA

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

I’m the coordinator of the “Rotary Garden” that is located in the Friendship Botanic Gardens ( in Michigan City, Indiana.

The Rotary Club of Michigan City recently bought a Peace Pole from you to replace the one that burned in a fire.

I am writing to provide you with the information you requested in the Peace Pole Registration Form. The information follows.

Name of the Peace Pole Owner: Rotary Club of Michigan City
Contact person: President of the Rotary Club
(changes every year or so…you may contact the club through out Website:
Email: through the website (see above)
Date of Peace Pole planting: Thursday 7/27/17

Where did you plant your Peace Pole: Friendship Botanic Gardens – Rotary Garden – 2055 East US Highway 12, Michigan City, IN

We plan to have a dedication ceremony this Fall.

We learned about the Peace Pole Project years ago (back when they were made with wood and plexiglass covered the peace languages…not sure when the club purchased its first Peace Pole. I’m guessing that was in 1998 or so.

We use the Peace Pole to honor and recognize the Youth Exchange students we have had from a variety of countries.

Pictures of current Peace Pole are attached.
Names of “planters”: Jim Scott, Suzy Vance, Jon Bausback, John Wendel.

With gratitude for all you do to spread peace in the world,

Peace Pole dedicated at Veterans Memorial Park in Elgin

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

May 23,  2017

Dodging raindrops, Elgin Rotary Club members dedicated a Peace Pole on May 23rd that now is part of the city’s Veterans Memorial Park along the Fox River.

Mayor Dave Kaptain told the crowd the location was a fitting one, as those who served in the military “fought to bring peace to everyone.”

Alan Kirk, President of the Elgin Rotary Breakfast Club, said that the Rotarians had been looking to put up a Peace Pole for about 15 years, at the urging of club member Ben Henrikson. According to Kirk, the Rotary’s breakfast group has about 20 members, while a group that meets at noon has 65 members.

The Rotarians also donated money for creating Veterans Memorial Park, near Gail Borden Public Library, which was built in phases this decade. When Henrikson and other Rotarians approached the committee involved with the park project, they unanimously agreed to place a Peace Pole there, City Councilman Rich Dunne said.

Elgin’s Peace Pole was designed and built by retired dentist Greg Karr, who has been with the Elgin Rotary Breakfast Club since it chartered in 1989.

Prior to the dedication, Karr explained that the Peace Pole concept originated in 1955 with Masahisa Goi of Japan, who founded the World Peace Prayer Society. The first Peace Poles erected outside Japan went up in the 1980s, Karr said, and today there are more than 100,000 such poles up in about 180 countries, including one at the North Pole.

Each pole has the phrase, “May Peace Prevail On Earth” inscribed on it in a country’s primary language, Karr said. Karr’s pole also has that phrase written in braille and in Potawatomie on separate sides along with other symbols.

Karr said that while Peace Poles originally were made of wood, he decided to use steel and stone for his design. That design is a four-sided metal cage holding 196 stones, each etched with the code for each of the countries in existence on Earth, Karr said.

Karr said it took about 10 years, on and off, to create his piece, with part of the delay due to battling an illness. Karr’s friend David Reich, who is a welding instructor at Elgin Community College, was of great assistance in constructing the Peace Pole.

Karr said the most challenging part of the project, which he built in his garage, was finishing the stainless steel from the material used, which was raw from the mill.

The pole also was to have a spire on top of it that would represent the world’s seven continents, which didn’t quite work.

“It just looked ugly,” Karr said.

Putting his creation up in the park took about five hours Saturday and involved the help of several friends and family members, Karr said.

When speaking to those assembled for the dedication, Karr said, “This was a group effort, and it is a big part of my life.”


Peace Pole planted – Corby Phoenix-UNITED KINGDOM

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Hi to you all,

I just wanted to share our Peace Pole Planting ceremony with you all.

On Thursday February 23rd, the children of Studfall Primary School, Corby , Northants  in conjunction with Corby Phoenix Rotary Club planted a Peace Pole at the entrance of their school.

One of the main focus areas of Rotary International is Peace and Conflict Resolution … Rotary as an organisation offers peace projects/initiatives at every level of education  from Primary School to sponsoring 50 peace scholars every year to study Peace and  Conflict resolution at six university centres throughout the world.

We believe very strongly that the younger we start to install the message of peace the better. Corby Phoenix working with Studfall Primary School supported the school to visit a centre which interactively made young people realise violence is not always the answer to problems.  Many issues were raised including cyber bulling.  From this we went on to encourage the children to think about alternatives to violence and what peace means.  They started for taking the letters PEACE and explained what these meant in relation to peace.  They then went on to develop thoughts of peace and several very insightful poems were written.  Copies of which  I can send.

On the 23rd of February,  they held a Mufti day at school where the children all dressed up in purple. Purple is the colour of Rotary’s Campaign  along with Bill Gates of Microsoft to eradicate the crippling disease polio from the world. They also saw the links where there is peace there is less chance of polio outbreaks.  An assembly was held with children reading their peace poems and culminating in planting their Peace Pole.  Eight languages were included and a time capsule was planted which contained a couple of the poems and a dove badge representing peace.

I attach pictures…pictures include the children, teacher Angie Alloway , who was foremost in leading the project at the school, Rotarians from two Corby Clubs  and the  1070 Rotary District Governor John Dehnel.

I think it is best summed up in the words of the teacher…

“Please can you pass on a huge thank you to you and your fellow Rotarians for all their support today.

The children were really engaged in the assembly and the Peace Pole looks amazing and will be a wonderful welcome to all who visit our school; thank you so much for making this happen for us.

With the kindest of regards,

As a Rotarian in the UK I am trying t promote the planting of Peace Poles.  This is a project very few UK Rotarians know about, it will take some time but progress is being made.

very best wishes,
Rtn Margaret Morley.
RC of Corby Phoenix.
District 1070 UK

Sherwood Rotary Club spreads message of peace around city- Boulevard Sherwood, Oregon-USA

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Peace Poles are sprouting up around Sherwood, and each one is unique, with “May Peace Prevail On Earth” appearing in four different languages chosen by the facilities where they are sited.

Gathered at the Marjorie Stewart Community/Senior Center on April 14 to dedicate another peace pole provided by the Sherwood Rotary Club. Photo by Barbara Sherman

One of the Peace Poles was dedicated at the Marjorie Stewart Community/Senior Center ( 21907 Southwest Sherwood, Boulevard Sherwood, Oregon) on April 14, 2017 in a ceremony led by Thressa Caulkins, center director, and Karen Strickland with the Rotary Club’s Peace Committee. The pole features English, Spanish, Japanese and sign language as its four languages.

“Sherwood Rotary is a Peace Builder Club in Rotary District 5100, which has a goal of establishing 100 new peace Poles in Oregon and Washington through funding by the Jubitz Family Foundation,” Strickland said. “This pole at the senior center represents one more towards that goal and our overall mission of promoting world peace and understanding.”

According to Wendy Wells, Sherwood Rotary service chair, the club will provide poles to locations who wish to partner with the Rotary Club of Sherwood in offering peace programming and education to the community.

“Our club was awarded a grant from the Sherwood Rotary Foundation to fund this year’s peace programs and poles, which was supplemented by Jubitz Family Foundation money for the peace pole project,” Wells said. “Our club hopes to be awarded a grant for the coming year to support peace programming, including purchasing peace poles.”

To read the full story:

Peace Pole in Healing Garden at Children’s Center-Oregon City, Oregon-USA

Monday, June 12th, 2017

On April 21st, Children’s Center joined multiple Rotarian groups in the Pacific Northwest and Portland Metro for a special Peace Pole Planting, where numerous Peace Poles were planted and established in the community. Each Peace Pole bears the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in different languages.

At the invitation of Linda Cohen, and with support from the Jubitz Family Foundation, Children’s Center recently planted a new “Peace Pole” in our Healing Garden. Proclaiming “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in eight languages, it reminds all who arrive of the hope that underpins our daily work. Similar monuments now stand in more than 120 Tri-County locations, and in 180 countries—as of 2017, Peace Poles have been planted in every country around the world.

Last month, I was a guest of the eighth-grade students at the Oregon Islamic Academy of the Muslim Educational Trust. In partnership with PGE and The Oregon Community Foundation, the students in “Community 101” invited and evaluated grant proposals from organizations serving victims of abuse and neglect. Children’s Center received the largest award: $1,500 to support our Intake and Family Support team. During the check presentation, the students described how this initiative epitomized their peaceful faith. Their efforts truly brought the sentiment on our Peace Pole to life.

Sadly, one week after my visit with these inspiring students, two young women—one of whom was wearing a hijab—were verbally attacked on a Tri-Met MAX train. Two men who attempted to intervene were killed and a third was seriously wounded. The incident sent shock waves across the country.

I can’t fathom the roots of such hatred. But, like Martin Luther King, I believe in “the bright daybreak of peace.” In this instance, I’m heartened by the community’s support for all the victims—including and especially the women. The outpouring of sympathy and understanding attests to love’s enduring power over hate.

In our lobby, we have a sign (in four languages) explaining that Children’s Center is a “Safe Zone.” Soon, we’ll add another message—one that is being displayed by many like-hearted organizations: We gladly welcome ALL races, ALL religions, ALL countries of origin, ALL sexual orientations, ALL genders. We stand with you. You are safe here.

I look forward to the day that such proclamations are no longer necessary. In the meantime, I’m proud to be working with a staff and board for whom unarmed truth and unconditional love really are the final word.