Peace Pole erected by URI in the park at the former Berlin Wall – Berlin, Germany

April 30th, 2009 

The annual peace prayer in the “Mauerpark” took place on April 30th, 2009 for the seventh time. The “Mauerpark” is the park at the former Berlin Wall, the park which connects former parts of East and West-Berlin.

After the prayer all participants carried the URI Peace Pole to the place, where it was to be erected, with a music group and under the protection of a Berlin TV’s camera team. Taufiq Mempel and Peter Amsler from the URI Berlin CC reminded the audience that the people in Germany themselves, but especially also its neighbors, had to suffer terribly under the effects of World War II. All the more beautiful it is today, to see that there is no hate between the peoples nowadays – as former German Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt says in one of his books.

 The erection of the Peace Pole was supported by URI Berlin, URI Germany, Baha’i Congregation Berlin, German Muslim-League Bonn, Cultural foundation for Interfaith Education and Encounter and the initiative “Love your enemies.”




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