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The World Peace Sanctuary is the international home and headquarters of the World Peace Prayer Society. The World Peace Sanctuary is nestled at the foot of the Berkshire Mountains, in the beautiful Harlem Valley scenic area of eastern Dutchess County - USA.

The Sanctuary occupies 154 acres in Wassaic, New York, located just two hours north of New York City.

Historically, the Sanctuary land was blessed by our Native American Ancestors. The Sanctuary grounds provided food and a fresh water supply from its natural spring. The story is that the Native Americans traveled from afar for these resources. History shows that the Scaticoke and Mohican nation tribes occupied Wassaic and the surrounding villages at that time. The records indicate that the Mohicans and the early settlers got along well and peaceful exchanges were made.

The Sanctuary property was purchased in 1990 from the fourth generation of the Benton Family. The office building was renovated from a cow barn to an office which now serves as the international headquarters of The World Peace Prayer Society, The Peace Pole Project and Peace Pals International.

You are welcome to visit the Sanctuary to enjoy the various peace monuments and points of interest throughout the property. The Sanctuary is open year round -- Monday through Friday from 9 am - 5 pm.

School Field Trips and Nature Walks can be scheduled upon request. Please contact us if you are interesting in having The World Peace Prayer Society host an event at the Sanctuary

The Peace Path

A slated and winding Path lined with Peace Poles on both sides, representing each of the 192 U.N. member nations in the world.

Each Peace Pole bears the Message in its native language. You will feel the presence of positive intentions put forth from the thousands of visitors who have walked on this majestic path. It is also a wonderful educational experience for adults and children alike. It creates an awareness and curiosity to learn more about the many countries and cultures that exist in the world.

The Peace Prayer Field

The Peace Path ends and opens up at the Peace Prayer Field looking down into to the valley. It is where the 'flags of all nations' fly high during the summer season sending the prayer May Peace Prevail On Earth to every corner on earth.

The Peace Labyrinth

A single path, seven circles wide, based on a design found on an ancient Cretan coin.
It circles in one direction, then another, eventually leading you to the center, where you are encouraged to pause.

Sit, relax, reflect and experience the true meaning of May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Sacred Grove

The beauty that surrounds the Sanctuary is enhanced by nature and by the century old Black Walnut Grove.

The black walnut trees on the property are the legacy of the Benton Family. Mr. Benton was just 5 years old, when he planted the black walnut trees with his father. They have grown into what we refer to as our Sacred Grove. The Sacred Grove serves as a beautiful canopy for outdoor events including A Call To Peace our annual grassroots community event.

September 11th Memorial Peace Pole

The September 11th Memorial Peace Pole was dedicated in 2002 during the World Peace Festival.

It is eleven feet high and bears the Peace message, May Peace Prevail On Earth in 12 languages.

Prayers from people around the world are being collected and placed inside the hollow center of the Peace Pole.

It is a magnificent monument, symbolic of the contents within its canister, containing hundreds of prayers that are alive with energy, for the lives that were taken, their families and for a nation that mourns that tragedy to this day!

Plans are underway for it to be gifted to NYC as
a peace monument at Ground Zero.

Globe Sculpture

Across from the Earth Stage on the Peace Prayer Field, you will find an enormous and stunning metal sculpture of the World globe, designed and crafted by New York artist, Peter Woytuk.
An exact replica of this sculpture can be found at the Mt. Fuji Sanctuary in Japan.

Kaminski Peace Gong

The Kaminski Peace Gong greets you at the entrance to the office building. It was designed and crafted by world renowned, artist and sculptor, Hank Kaminski. Ask for a mallet to ring this gong and send the energy of your prayers for peace out into the world!

Nature Tours and School Trips

The Sanctuary with all of nature's beauty and peace related amenities makes for a perfect School Field Trip and Nature Tour.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact us.

ShopPeace Gift Shop

Visit the ShopPeace Gift Shop inside the office building to enjoy a unique line of gift items bearing the Universal Message and Prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Also visit our online shop.

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