The World Peace Prayer Society and James Twyman Presents
Lighting up the World with Peace
A Synchronized Global Meditation

The World Peace Prayer Society and James Twyman are joining together for a year of Lighting up the World with Peace.  With your help, we will energetically focus our collective prayers and intentions on a country at war or in conflict or on an event that represents an important opportunity for creating peace. 

James will be traveling monthly to a location to anchor our synchronized global meditation. We invite you to join us EVERY MONTH FOR 15 MINUTES to focus the prayers of millions of people who are dedicated to healing the heart of humanity.

Will you Pulsate with us?
Join the synchronized global meditation for 15 minutes a month

When you sign up YOU will light up on the global map as a pulsating Point of Light.  Each one of YOU a powerful reminder of how interconnected we are and how together we will assist in the conscious evolution of planet Earth.