Peace Pole Dedication in honor of Veteran’s Day in Sacremento, California-November 11, 2008

“It seems like every opportunity I have to show a Peace Pole, one gets planted.”  These are the inspiring words and (work) of Captain Renee Marie, Peace Representative of The World Peace Prayer Society. 

   On September 13, Renee Marie set up an 8 foot Peace Pole in a parking lot, in downtown Sacramento, California for a Sacramento Second Saturday Gallery event.

  Tina Downey and Lynn Vernon inquired about the Peace Pole.  They were so excited about getting a Peace Pole planted a friend’s backyard, Gale Fairchild, where neighborhood events are generally held a few times each year.  Renee Marie was invited to speak with the 3 women from the neighborhood and the process took off from there.  These beautiful women are also working hard to save a huge “Heritage” tree in the neighborhood from being cut down.  They realize that Peace is for all living things!  It was important to them to have the “leaf prints” plaque on the Pole.  The group chose the (1) plaque inscribed with the message:  May Peace Prevail On Earth in Spanish, (1) plaque read: May Peace be in our Homes and Communities and the other 2 plaques had decorative leaf and paw prints, in honor of nature and the animal kingdom!  A toast was made for “A Call To Peace” for all native peoples, women, children, animals, plants and for ALL soldiers to return home!  

May Peace Prevail On Earth!

 “Infinite Gratitude for the deep calling within me to work for PEACE and manifest the joy with each of YOU!”   Captain Renee Marie

 Below: Captain Renee Marie (in uniform), Gale Fairchild, Jessica Dafalia and Tina Downey