Bloomington Jefferson Peace Pole re-dedication, Minneapolis, USA

May 14th, 2010

To date, I believe, this has been a fantastic year for World Citizen and the annual Nobel Peace Prize Festivals. Here are just a few highlights from my perspective:

• #1 With many thanks to Emmy Bradford, we were able to take a two week spring –Break-and as usual, I took our story with me.

1. First Stop Decorah, Iowa, and Luther College. I left a DVD of our 15th Nobel Festival for President Torgerson. Hopefully this will proof to be Valuable in convincing President Obama to attend our 16th Nobel Festival March 3rd here in Minneapolis and the Nobel Forum at Luther March 4th and 5th –as our honored Nobel Laureate.

2. Second Stop Muscatine, Iowa. We had a wonderful visit with Dick Stanley, son of Mark Stanley, one of the Founders of the World federalist Movement. He was very supportive of the World Citizen Programs.

3. Two stops later the Carter Center /Museum /Library in Atlanta. We had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Steve Hockman, Jimmy Carters personal Assistant. I believe this will lead to the re-dedication of this World Class Peace Site. Also, strong support for the World Citizen Programs in the Atlanta Area.

#2 The World Law Day Celebration, May 1st with Mark Ritchie was also very special. Hopefully Mark will make a copy of his inspiring remarks available to all interested.

• #3 The Bloomington Schools 7th annual ‘Peace Run’ and Diversity Day, was outstanding. Many, many thanks to Flora Tsukayama and to Melvin Giles for their help in telling the WC story.

Lynn Elling in the rain at Bloomington Jefferson's Peace Site Re-dedication

• #4 On Thursday, May 27th 7-7:30 p.m Washburn High School will be rededicated as an international Peace site. Hopefully this will prove to be another World Class Peace Site. All are encouraged to attend!

This truly an open moment in History, and I believe, for the World Citizen Programs. We are in a position to move on to the World Stage and bring our Programs to the attention of the human Family. Help us with a generous investment in the thousands of young people we are effectively reaching now-and in the millions potentially in the future.

May Peace Prevail On Earth, Lynn Elling

Submitted by: Melvin Giles, WPPS Peace Representative, Minneapolis, USA