Children at the Child Protection Agency in Gifhorn, Germany paint for Peace Pals International – May Peace Prevail On Earth

May – 2014

Kristina Bork, artist and art teacher at The German Children Protection Association in Gifhorn, Germany once again got the children involved in this years (2014) Peace Pals Art Exhibition and Awards contest.


The Association not only protects children, but offers various workshops to enrich their lives.  The children have such a full curriculum with their studies at home and at school.  They do not paint simply for competition, but for a love of peace.  It takes a dedicated teacher or youth coordinator to make this possible.

We thank Kristina Bork for her commitment to the children and for spreading the universal message of peace, “May Peace Prevail On Earth,” and to the children of Gifhorn, Germany — Thank you for your beautiful art.


We at Peace Pals International are looking forward to seeing the children’s artwork this year.

For more information on this years art contest and how to get children involved, please visit: