"The Rebirth" ~ Essay from Student Daria Golub – Age 17 – Kiev, Ukraine

The Rebirth

 “All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances”

Daria Holub_UkraineThere are a lot of people in the world and each of them has his own mission on the Earth. Even if we don’t have the same skin colour or we speak different languages, we all are equally important for the Earth. We are strong enough that’s why we can make changes easily, but it also depends greatly on us whether those changes will be pleasant or not.

I’m a pupil of a high school in Kyiv and like all other children I simply enjoyed my childhood and carefree life, when suddenly my Country got into a terrible reality of dangerous changes. It’s hard enough to see the place where I have recently laughed and had fun with friends. Now it is crowded with crying Ukrainian women in despair mixed with brave and patriotic men wearing helmets and holding bats and shields in their hands.

We appeared to be in the epicenter of the most serious action very quickly not only in Ukraine but in the whole world.

We were really shocked at first and we flapped. But later the consciousness of Ukrainians has changed drastically and we became one big and harmonious family.

All Ukrainians have understood the real value of independence and peace. We all have the same aim – to be free…to live happily on our earth and to continue loving our native land. We were on the edge of losing these rights so we were fighting to save ourselves.

The heart of Ukraine asked for help and desperate shouting “Ukraine, wake up!” were heard everywhere. People screamed to wake up the feeling of patriotism in the minds of others. It had a result! People have woken up! Ukrainians from all parts of the country came to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (The Independence Square) to give a moral and physical support. The whole world has seen that we are a strong nation and we can move mountains if we are together!

We will never forget those actions in February. No one of Ukrainian citizens would ever think that our beautiful streets will be covered with blood. When the mass media told us that Maidan had been attacked with snipers, nobody left the epicenter of fighting, otherwise more and more people appeared in the square. The Participants just made a decision that they had to move quicker to avoid fatal bullets and our Ukrainian Heart was reliably protected with the “Live Shield”.

“Firstly I was terrified a lot. But later when speaking to my friend I turned right and saw him bleeding on the ground I understood that we can’t let them kill us. My fear has disappeared immediately” – such words were said by one of the participants of the most horrifying period of the Revolution. 

It seemed impossible that despite flying bullets above the heads of the Participants, our Warriors sang our native Ukrainian anthem. As never before this Patriotic Song became the symbol of Maidan Nezalezhnosti which helped people spiritually. This Melody was also heard when the Participants rescued the wounded and wept for the killed.

“…there was a smell of blood, death, fear”       

At that moment I understood how much our People could do for our Ukraine to flourish, that they were even ready to sacrifice their lives for it! Such People is worth the best future!

All people rallied greatly and the self-organization achieved high levels. Even God Himself helped our people directing the wind against the servants of the Corruption.

Ukraine is lucky to have a territory which is rich in fossil fuels, natural beauty and its greatness can’t help impressing. We are also proud of our rich history and what’s more, our nation is very industrious and patient, everybody has fair patriotic love to Ukraine.

Where’s a border between the war and peace? It was a war, wasn’t it? My great grandparents and my grandfather participated in wars and coming back home they had the only wish that nobody would face the same situation. Now, when there is the Mourning in Ukraine, the veterans’ hopes have been totally broken…our holy place – Maidan Nezalezhnosti has become the place of grief which is strewn with carnations of bloody red colour and washed by tears of Ukrainians.

The heart of Ukraine, Maidan has been rescued!

I am happy to be a Ukrainian and I’m really proud that the blood of such daring and morally strong people flows in my veins.

I appeal to everybody to stop thinking what PEACE is and what we can do not to let violence interfere into our lives.

“Revolution is the way to changing” but I do believe that there will be only peaceful demonstrations that will give people an opportunity to understand, estimate and change something in their lives. 

I have understood that the main role of everybody in the world is not to stay indifferent. Because indifference can cause the death of consciousness and it can lead to terrible consequences that may damage even the Earth. If every person in the world from Asia to the USA devotes some more time to others like doing donations, for example, it will make result. Each of us will see these great changes and feel the real value of our each action!

May Peace Prevail On Earth!

Daria Golub
Age 17 (student)
Kyiv, Ukraine