Peace Pole blessing at New Hampshire United Church of Christ Outdoor Ministries summer camp, New Hampshire-USA

Horton Center in Gorham NH is the site of the  New Hampshire United Church of Christ Outdoor Ministries summer camp.  Horton Center is on top of Pine Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


During one of the middle school camper weeks in July-2016, we blessed a new Peace Pole plate each day at the morning worship time. Each evening it is the tradition of Horton Center to sing Shalom around the Peace Pole and we were able to have each new language plate in place for the evening shalom circle. This Peace Pole now has 12 languages. We also sang Shalom in Spanish and Shona as well as English.


The photos shows the group of campers and volunteers who were part of this project in front of the Peace Pole and on top of Chapel Rock blessing the final Peace Pole language plate, which is Farsi. Rev. Carolyn Kelig blessed each one by having all of us touch the plate and sharing some words and a prayer for each plate.

Peace Pole Owner- Horton Center, New Hampshire United Church of Christ
Contact : Rev. Mollie Landers-Hatt, Director of Outdoor Ministries
Peace Pole plate addition- July 10-16
Horton Center, PO Box J Gorham NH 03581

Peace and blessings,
Nancy Fowler