Peace Pole Story-Michigan City, Indiana, USA

I’m the coordinator of the “Rotary Garden” that is located in the Friendship Botanic Gardens ( in Michigan City, Indiana.

The Rotary Club of Michigan City recently bought a Peace Pole from you to replace the one that burned in a fire.

I am writing to provide you with the information you requested in the Peace Pole Registration Form. The information follows.

Name of the Peace Pole Owner: Rotary Club of Michigan City
Contact person: President of the Rotary Club
(changes every year or so…you may contact the club through out Website:
Email: through the website (see above)
Date of Peace Pole planting: Thursday 7/27/17

Where did you plant your Peace Pole: Friendship Botanic Gardens – Rotary Garden – 2055 East US Highway 12, Michigan City, IN

We plan to have a dedication ceremony this Fall.

We learned about the Peace Pole Project years ago (back when they were made with wood and plexiglass covered the peace languages…not sure when the club purchased its first Peace Pole. I’m guessing that was in 1998 or so.

We use the Peace Pole to honor and recognize the Youth Exchange students we have had from a variety of countries.

Pictures of current Peace Pole are attached.
Names of “planters”: Jim Scott, Suzy Vance, Jon Bausback, John Wendel.

With gratitude for all you do to spread peace in the world,