“A Place for Encounter and Consciousness” Schloss Glarisegg Steckborn, Thurgau, Switzerland

To form a new culture of encounter, consciousness and personal growth. Authenticity. Connection. Creational Power. Transformation.

This Ecovillage Castle is a sustainable community or Seminar House that teaches the culture of

Since 2003 we have been designing and animating the “place for encounter and awareness” in Glarisegg Castle on the Swiss shore of Lake Constance. 

We come from a wide variety of professional and ideological contexts and love our diversity. We are united by the desire to face individual responsibility and collectively the questions of the times. 

We create a reality in which new forms of life and encounters can be joyfully researched and lived sustainably. Awareness as well as the spiritual development of each individual and the group forms the supporting ground.

May Peace Prevail In Switzerland,

May Peace Prevail On Earth.