Montessori Students build first Peace Pole in Town. Innsbruck, Austria

The students of Innsbruck Montessori School, built the first Peace Pole on their school grounds and in their town. They hand carved a wooden post to symbolize Peace on their campus. Just in time for this year’s World Kindness Day, a heartening story of the next generation filled with hope and determination.

The words “May Peace Prevail On Earth”, resonated with the students and administration. It was a way of sending a new message, other than the one of their war torn history. The relics of which still remain to this day on the school’s grounds. The Peace Pole was a labor of love as much as a symbol of progress and solidarity. May Peace Prevail On Earth can be seen translated into German on the front of the Peace Pole.

This is the first of it’s kind in the town and the intention of the school’s headmaster was to „counterbalance“ the the 2 weapons around the school building with some peace power!

A powerful message from very inspiring and talented students at Innsbruck Montessori in Austria.

Thank you to all who made this powerful message of peace possible.

Möge Frieden Auf Erden Sein

May Peace Prevail On Earth