A Peace Pole for Standing Rock, South Dakota-USA

November 15th, 2016

Rev. Patrick McCollum, international peacemaker and creator of the World Peace Violin, journeyed to Standing Rock in early November as an extension of his longtime commitment to supporting Native Americans with land issues.


Before leaving, he asked whether there was a Peace Pole at Standing Rock. Not yet! As he put it, the team at the World Peace Prayer Society “sprang into action.”

An 8’ Peace Pole was prepared specially for his journey, with the prayer “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in five indigenous American languages (Cherokee, Chichewa, Cree, Lakota, and Mohawk), plus English, Spanish and Gaelic, to honor Patrick’s own tradition. It was immediately shipped to a rendez-vous point in South Dakota for the final leg of the trip.

Patrick reported on the many challenges faced by the representatives of more than 100 tribes gathered there, all with the same stand: to protect our water. He was honored with a Lakota name, “He Who Speaks With The Mother.” He presented the Peace Pole to a group of elders from different indigenous nations and announced that the gift was received with gratitude, respect and 100% support!


The elders prefer not to be named, since the political situation is intense. Only Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe and member of the Founding Advisory Board of the World Peace Prayer Society, has gone public with his appeal. The photo, by Native American documentary film maker Irene Fredericks, was taken at the meeting dome located in the center of Oceti Sakowin Camp, the camp of the elders representing the seven treaty nations.

The elders do not know whether they will be able to plant the Peace Pole in the ground, since there are many considerations as winter rapidly approaches. However, they are requesting that different tribes and organizations have their people focus on the Peace Pole to send their prayers to the conflict.

The Peace Pole, although it is never used to promote a political position, is a globally recognized symbol of peace and unity. May it bring healing to Standing Rock and the Native Americans whose ancestors first inhabited our beautiful land.

Infinite gratitude to Patrick McCollum for carrying the Peace Pole to Standing Rock with the love and prayers of so many.

May Peace Prevail Among Indigenous Nations!
May Peace Prevail on Earth!


Mayor of Szklarska in Poreba accepts Peace Pole-POLAND

November 8th, 2016

On September 23rd, in recognition of the International Day of Peace- members and staff of the World Peace Prayer Society ( WPPS) along with Sonoko Tanaka, WPPS Peace Representative in Italy presented the town of Szklarska, Poreba and its Major with a Peace Pole and dedication ceremony.


Sonoko was also there to spread the peace education program in local schools.

That same evening we all visited the Aikido dojo where we planted a Peace Pole a few years ago and had a good meeting with the aikido group.


Jacek Kozlowski
WPPS, Peace Representative in Poland

Celebrating IDP -20th anniversary of the 49th Peace Pole erected on Peace Mountain in Peace City-Kosice, SLOVAKIA

November 2nd, 2016

Dear friends in peace,

Sending you the report from Slovakia:
September 15th this year was a great day for 120 children including their teachers and parents supporting Peace activities.


We celebrated the 20th aniversary of the 49th Peace Pole erected on Peace Mountain which is 1242 kilometers high. Peace Mountain, in Peace City is located in Kosice, the east part of Slovakia.  Peace City is visited by many foreign tourist every year-most of them are Japanese.
The activity was held to celebrate the upcoming IDP- “International Day of Peace.”


500The World Peace Flag Ceremony took place for European COUNTRIES and relay standards for all COUNTRIES was presented.

It was a special occasion for all participants to see the 15 year old ribbon on the standards. They were from the project in 2001-the LONGEST PEACE message in the world–it is a 3700 meter long ribbon with the message, “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in different languages.

This year’s activity was finished with reading peace greetings for schools in European COUNTRIES.

Klarka Hodnicova, WPPS Peace Representative, NM-Kosice, Slovakia

A place for peace in Peoria, Arizona-USA

November 1st, 2016

Rotary Club Peace Pole creates space to ‘explore peace’
Written by Bret McKeand
Independent Newsmedia
Submitted by: Chuck Fitzgerald,  Rotary Club member of Peoria









Officials behind Peoria’s first Peace Pole project are hoping the effort to “explore peace” locally expands to a worldwide initiative.

The Peoria Peace Pole, a collaborative effort between several Rotary clubs and the Peoria Unified School District, was officially unveiled Sept. 21 at Centennial High School, 14388 N. 79th Ave., in Peoria.

Dedicating the Peoria Peace Sept. 21 at Centennial High School, from left, Dr. Darwin Stiffler, PUSD superintendent; Melissa Pfirman, faculty club advisor for the Centennial Interact Club; Dr. Adam Wolfe, Centennial High School assistant principal

Dedicating the Peoria Peace Sept. 21 at Centennial High School, from left, Dr. Darwin Stiffler, PUSD superintendent; Melissa Pfirman, faculty club advisor for the Centennial Interact Club; Dr. Adam Wolfe, Centennial High School assistant principal

The eight-foot peace pole is located on a concrete slab in front of the school’s auditorium. Surrounded by four benches, the space is meant to be used by students, faculty and residents to simply enjoy a quiet moment and appreciate the value and importance of peace.

“This project is about creating space to explore peace,” said Chuck Fitzgerald, a member of The Rotary Club of Peoria. Mr. Fitzgerald and his club created the idea and led the effort to turn the concept into reality.

Dr. Darwin Stiffler, PUSD superintendent, referred to the Peoria Peace Pole as a place for residents to contemplate and “find a place for peace.”

Dr. Darwin Stiffler, PUSD superintendent, referred to the Peoria Peace Pole as a place for residents to contemplate and “find a place for peace.”

Mr. Fitzgerald is a long-time Rotarian and a former district governor. Rotary International is one of the largest service organizations in the world. Its missions include fighting disease and eradicating polio, supporting education — and promoting peace throughout the world.

“Everytime you perform a service project, you are a peacemaker,” said Mr. Fitzgerald during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Mr. Fitzgerald is also the organizer of the Peoria Peace Initiative and is hopeful the Peace Pole is the first of many projects that promote peace within the city.

The inscription on the plaque contains words from author Robert Fulgham

The inscription on the plaque contains words from author Robert Fulgham

The initiative will include on-campus education, community outreach and public awareness of the value and importance of peace. A website for the project has been created at www.peoriapeaceinitiative.org.

The Peoria Rotary Club also supports a Rotary Interact Club at Centennial. Nadina Fish, president of The Rotary Club of Peoria, says students in the club strongly support the idea behind the Peace Pole.

“We love to collaborate with youth exchange programs,” said Ms. Fish.

Centennial student Makayla Steel, president of the Centennial Interact Club, said it’s important for students to embrace the need for peace throughout the world.

“Our club will be ambassadors of peace on our campus,” said Miss Steel. “If we’re not promoting peace, who will?”

The Peoria Peace Pole is located in front of the auditorium at Centennial High School, 14388 N. 79th Ave.

The Peoria Peace Pole is located in front of the auditorium at Centennial High School, 14388 N. 79th Ave.

Contributions to cover the cost of the Peace Pole came from businesses, individuals and other Rotary clubs, including The Rotary Club of Peoria North and clubs in Laughlin, Sun City, Mesa and Phoenix.

The Peoria Unified School District and Centennial High School provided the space and will pay for ongoing maintenance.

Dr. Darwin Stiffler, PUSD superintendent, called the Peace Pole a “grand thing,” and a constant reminder that it’s important to always try to resolve differences in a peaceful manner.

“It’s a very visible symbol of a place to find peace — and it’s right up front.”

WPPS Scotland Sanctuary dedicates Peace Pole Henge at the 18th annual Allanton Festival, Dumfries – SCOTLAND

October 31st, 2016

18th International World Peace Festival Allanton Peace Sanctuary

The 18th World Peace Festival was held at Allanton World Peace Sanctuary, Scotland on Sunday 11th September 2pm – 6pm. We were well prepared for all weather as we had a very large marquee which had been used for the ‘Soul of WoMen’ conference the previous day. The weather was cloudy but warm, and some of our visitors spent time walking in the grounds and looked around the lovely walled garden.


Around 300 people enjoyed an afternoon of beautiful live music from local musicians: Darcy DaSilva who writes and sings her own songs, Greg Lawson (2nd violin of the Scottish Orchestra) and Pete Garnett (piano accordion), Wendy Stewart who is an internationally known harpist, Pete and Anna Tagg who played the Taiko drums.  There was Aikido demonstrations and also exhibitions from many local groups. The Fair Trade Groups café provided home baked goods and drinks during the afternoon and delicious ice cream was available from Glen Urr, a small local company.

The theme of the Festival this year was ‘Diversity in our Community’ and exhibitors included:  ‘Freedom from Torture’, which is a group that supports people who have survived torture; MOOLS (Massive Outpouring Of Love), which is a group who help refugees in any way that they can, and DG Voice, a group who help disabled people to have a ‘voice’ in society.


The World Peace Prayer Society also had an exhibition showing the work of the Society, the Fuji Declaration, the Soul of WoMen  conference and displays of the ‘Peace Prevails’ school programme and photos showing a calendar of events taking place at Allanton Sanctuary since June 2015 which was our last Festival.

The highlight of the afternoon was the exquisite Japanese dance performed by Michiko Abe, which was followed by the World Peace Flag Ceremony. The Flag Ceremony was accompanied by the Allanton Peace Choir led by Kate Howard. The choir sang at the beginning of each continent the following songs:

Pokarekare – a Maori love song
In Dangerous Times – Alison Burns
World Wide Peace – Will M Ramsey
A Million Nightingales – music – Linda Hirschhorn based on a poem by Mahmud Darwish
Ljubav (cup song)  Bosnian version transcribed by Mary Cay Brass


After the Flag Ceremony, everyone was invited to pick up a flag, and  (accompanied by the Taiko drums) carry it outside to the Peace Pole Henge. A parade of all the flags made its way to the henge and everyone walked inside and around the henge. It was very powerful and moving. This is the first event that has been held in our newly completed Peace Pole Henge.

When the flags had been returned to the marquee, it was time to enjoy Uma’s special curry and listen to music from local musicians which completed a wonderful afternoon!

Interfaith World Peace Prayer Ceremony in celebration of the International Day of Peace- Iwashimizu Hachimangu-JAPAN

October 20th, 2016

The World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) members in Kansai region including Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima had the third World Peace Prayer Ceremony at Iwashimizu Hachimangu (shrine) that are one of the most prestigious location in Japan.  The shrine has a deep connection with royal family in historically and its chief of priest Rev. Tsunekiyo Tanaka is the chairperson of the All Japan Shinto Shrine Association.(one of the highest shrines in Japan).

The day was also featured as interfaith peace prayer event by participation of representatives of the highest Shinto Shrine, Buddhist temple, and Catholic Church as follows:

Rev. Nakamichi Nishi from Iwashmizu Hachimangu, Vice Executive Director, Enmyo Shishioh of the Hieizan Enryakuji, Buddhist priest, Executive Chairperson of the institute of the Koyasan mystical Buddhist sector,  Rev. Hon-nen Nakamura and Father Alex Varickamackal,S.J. from Jesuits Spiritual Center at Nagatsuka in Hiroshima.   Nagatsuka Monastery for Jesuits Hieizan and Koyasan are two of the highest Japanese Buddhism known historically.

Rev. Nishi

Rev. Shishio

Rev. Shishio

Rev. Nakamura

WPPS members linked the world wide Peace Mass of Catholic church at Jesuits Spiritual Center at Nagatsuka in Hiroshima in July when Pope Francis was in Poland and three million youth participated.  WPPS members dedicated a World Peace Prayer Ceremony to the  worldwide masses and received a very positive response from the church members!  Speeches were made by the guests of honor.Interfaith World Peace Prayer Ceremony Guests and organizers

Rev. Tsunekiyo Tanaka of Iwashimizu Hachimangu gave his blessings and announced, “I am happy that such a wonderful event is taking place!”

Rev. Nishi of Iwashimizu Hachimangu said,  “our peace prayer is much needed in this conflicted world.” 

Rev. Enmyo of the Hieizan Enryakuji shared that their interfaith summit started to succeed the spirit of Assisi and has been doing so, every August 4th,  for the past 29 years.  They also attended International Meetings of ‘Prayers for Peace’ that celebrated its 30th anniversary with attendance by the Pope.

World Peace Forum ~ Florianopólis, Brazil ~ September 22nd through 25th 2016

October 19th, 2016

September 22nd – 25th 2016
Florianopólis, Brazil

Jules Lamore staff of The World Peace Prayer Society had the privilege of participating in the 10th World Peace Forum which was being held this year in Florianopólis, Brazil.

The event hosted close to 2000 peacemakers who participated in numerous events and workshops.  The World Peace Prayer society brought three of their projects to The World Peace Forum; The Peace Pole Project, Peace Pals International and World Peace Youth.

On Thursday, September 22nd the streets of Florianopólis were filled with the March of The Babies which included a beautiful flag ceremony which took us all the offices of the Mayor of Florianopólis.Flag March
When we arrived to the Mayors office a beautiful Peace Pole was presented to Mayor César Souza, Junior on behalf of the city of Florianopólis.  A beautiful ceremony took place in the city offices where a hundred people joined in to celebrate and welcome the Peace Pole to the city.  The room was filled with young people holding the flags from every nation.  At the end of the ceremony everyone joined in by saying “Que a paz prevaleça no mundo” – “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in Portuguese.


The Peace Pole which has 8 languages (English, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Arabic, German, Italian and Spanish) will find a permanent home in the Old House and Jail which was built between 1771 and 1780. The plans are to turn the old jail into a museum of Peace.

World Peace Youth
Friday morning World Peace Youth held its 3rd live webinar from the World Peace Forum and invited youth from around the world to take part.  The moderators (as seen in the photo) interviewed speakers on various topics.

World Peace Youth
The live webinar was broadcast live in an auditorium where youth in Brazil could also participate.  Please click here to watch the live webinar on YouTube.

On Sunday during the closing ceremonies, Peace Pals International announced the winners of the The Peace Pals International Arts Exhibition and Awards during a live broadcast.  The stage was filled with 12 young people dressed in their native costumes who were there to announce each of the 12 winners.  We thanked the 12 young people by presenting them each with a mini peace pole.  You can watch the live event on YouTube and visit Peace Pals International to see the winners and finalists.  At the end of the awards presentation you could hear the voices of a thousand saying three times  “Que a paz prevaleça no mundo” – “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in Portuguese.

Elephants for Peace
There were so many wonderful organizations and projects participating at The World Peace Forum in Brazil this year. Elephants for PeaceThe elephant was chosen as a symbol because it marries power with peace. Here people were invited to paint their vision of the Elephant.  The finished artwork was spectacular.


We had the joy of being able to listen to the orchestra of Roney Marczak.  Roney is an incredible musician who educates marginalized youth in Brazil through music.  Learn more about Roney Marczak and his music.

We wish we could share all of the spectacular people and their projects with you.  If you visit The World Peace Forum on their Facebook Page, you will see more.

May Peace Prevail On Earth – “Que a paz prevaleça no mundo



International Day of Peace in DENMARK

October 19th, 2016


A group of organizations including The World Peace Prayer Society and the Goi Peace Foundation, supported an event in Denmark titled “Pathways to Peace and Justice.” It was held north of Copenhagen at the Gribskov Community Center in Gribskov, Denmark.


Bente Milton, an award winning film maker and Director of Club of Budapest in Scandinavia and head of Transition World (transitionworld.org), organized the two day gathering on September 21st and 22nd.  The gathering was the first of 17 events being planned over the next 4 years that highlights and educates the principles of the “Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.”  The event in Denmark was the very first gathering to begin discussing the SDG#16: Peace Justice and Strong Institutions.  The key theme brought forth the question : How can we work together to make it happen?

The two day event started with welcome remarks by Bente followed by an introduction of the 17Sustainable Development Goals by Alan AtKisson (atkisson.com) with several “Meshworking” dialogue groups throughout the program to discuss how to envision breakthroughs in various walks of life and society.

Peace Pole presented to Mayor Kim Valentin of Gilleleje

Peace Pole presented to Mayor Kim Valentin of Gilleleje

On September 21st, which marks  the International Day of Peace celebrated the world over, a Peace Pole was presented to Mayor Kim Valentin of Gilleleje followed by a powerful and high energy World Peace Flag Ceremony involving youth from MIndJuice, a school of hope, insight, great knowledge and extraordinary visions.


The Peace Pole was activated by all attendants and was planted the following day at the Gilleleje coast.  The location is known as a refuge point for Jews during World World II who were transiting to Sweden for safety.

It was also a spot where Danish philosopher,  Soren Kierkegaard, theologian, poet, social critic and religious author took meditative walks. In late 19th century, he wrote the following tribute poem about the area ——Gilbjerget will forever be one of my favorite locations… here I have seen, so to speak, the world’s emergence.  

It is a truly befitting location for a Peace Pole.

May Peace be in Denmark
May Peace Prevail On Earth


PBS39 Television at 839 Sesame-rededicates Its Peace Pole on the 2016 International Day of Peace- Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

October 19th, 2016

By Rev. Deborah Moldow
Representative to the United Nations for the World Peace Prayer Society


Monica Willard, Representative to the United Nations for the United Religions Initiative and longtime Peace Representative of the World Peace Prayer Society, organized a beautiful rededication ceremony for the Peace Pole that had been installed on “Sesame Street” by the PBS television station in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on the 10th anniversary of the attacks of September 11th 2001. This wonderful location is right in front of the famous Steel Stacks that have been preserved as a monument to the steel industry that built the area. It is now a most unusual attraction, including a park-like area where concerts and other festive events are offered.

The event began at 10:00 in the morning with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s International Day of Peace video message played on the outdoor JumboTron over the door of PBS39.


High school students from the Lehigh Valley Charter Arts choir set the tone with a lovely a capella performance. Introductory remarks about the International Day of Peace were offered by Mrs. Willard, and Deborah Moldow of the World Peace Prayer Society led a moment of silence for world peace.

Tim Fallon, the CEO of PBS39, delivered a warm welcoming speech that acknowledged the Peace Poles around the world that “represent the oneness of humanity’s wish for a world at peace.” Then a representative of Mayor Donchez read a proclamation specially prepared for the PBS39 Peace Pole Rededication.


Monica welcomed 60 fourth grade students from Donegan Elementary School to raise the flags of all nations one by one in a World Peace Flag Ceremony conducted to a PowerPoint presentation of the countries of the world on the JumboTron screen that had been prepared for the United Nations.


The Charter Arts Choir concluded the event with another uplifting song of peace. The event was covered by all the local media, calling the attention of everyone in the Lehigh Valley to the PBS39 Peace Pole and the International Day of Peace.

Tim Fallon, Monica Willard, Deborah Moldow

Tim Fallon, Monica Willard, Deborah Moldow

Photos from Lehigh Valley Live online:   Leghigh Valley Live


Edgehill Road Peace Pole in Forres, Moray- SCOTLAND

October 19th, 2016

We planted our Peace Pole on Sunday 13th September 2015 at our home supported by 30 guests of all ages, from 8 – 80+.


It is approx 2 metres above ground. The message languages are: English, Scottish Gaelic, German and Japanese.

“May Peace Be In All” was specially written for us and performed by friend and artist, Phyllida Anam-Aire.

In one of the photographs it looks as if a rainbow is crossing the Peace Pole so I have included that.


The couple are myself and husband Don.
We would be happy for people to visit the Peace Pole.


Barbara Vincent