Peace Pole Project Donations by Local Nonprofit, Sussex County Delaware.

Delaware began to celebrate International Peace Day with “Peace Week Delaware”, about four years ago in 2016.  During Peace week there are workshops, concerts as well as collections for humanitarian aid.

As part of the organizing team in Sussex County (one of three counties), Malcolm Goekler Founder and President of UU Peace Ministry Network’s nonprofit organization, suggested planting a Peace Pole each year in a new place. 

The first was planted in Rehoboth Beach at Camp Rehoboth, a community service organization – this was done as part of a peace march down the Boardwalk. This peace pole was dedicated as part of the rally at the end of the March.

The next Peace Pole Placement was donated by Mr. Goekler to his personal church, Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware, after their original had been damaged. He managed to salvage the symbolic Peace Pole and now takes to various functions, as he has fitted so it may travel with him. Below notice the new Peace Pole planted outside of UU Church. In Honor of a Previous Minister a Peace Pole still remains near the Parade flag on the Chancel bearing “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in Italian to remember her.

After a peace march in Lewes, a Peace Pole was gifted to St Peter’s Episcopal Church – started in 1680. Their Peace Pole is adorned with languages of Arabic and Hebrew.

St. Peters located in Lewes, Delaware also partners with other communities of faith when we can such as Seaside Jewish Community and Insight Buddhist Meditation group.

The most recent donation made by Mr Goekler and his Nonprofit Ministry to Georgetown Presbyterian. This Peace Pole is representative and gives respect to the large immigrant population, but bearing languages of Urdu, Spanish as well as Haitian Creole. Beautiful tribute made.

We thank Mr Malcolm Goekler and The Unitarian Universalist Peace Ministry Network for all they have done and continue to do. Mr Goekler personally plants these Peace Poles himself. Thank you for spreading the message of Peace.

May Peace Prevail in Deleware

May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Photos and News Courtesy of UU Peace Ministry Network