Rhönquelle Restaurant Sponsors Kindergarten to Create Peace Pole. Gersfeld, Germany

Rhönquelle Restaurant along with Rhönwerk Furniture company in Gersfeld wanted to place a Peace Pole. They were successful in planted a Peace Pole with the help of a local Kindergarten class.

As you can see the creative touches placed by the children’s painted hand below German translation of “May Peace Prevail On Earth”

The two companies cooperated with the local “Gersfeld“ Kindergarten. The children were excited to paint the Peace Pole in the “colours of the rainbow”. The colors chosen to the students all had meaning behind them. They symbolized tolerance, change or emerging and Peace.

The Peace Pole itself was carved from wood with the languages of Dutch, German, Braille and the local Dialect placed. This Peace Pole was a labor of love and creativity.

The Student’s families and Kindergarten staff all were in attendance, along with the staff of Rhönquelle for the unveiling on the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2019.

The teachers and parents were joyous and extremely proud of the work their children had created. It was noted that these children act daily as “Role Models of Peace”. They do not discriminate or dislike anyone based on differences. They are all accepting of everyone, and their actions can serve as a reminder to all of us on how kindness and acceptance are the basic threads that build the tapestry of Peace.

Photos and News Credited to Rhönquelle Restaurant. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of Peace with us.

May Peace Prevail in Gersfeld, Germany

May Peace Prevail on Earth